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Wedge System Confidence. Consistency. Convenience.

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Wedge System Innovative CANCELLOUSTITANIUM™ Matrix Provides Consistent Strength Cotton Wedge Evans Wedge • Maintained Strength Constructed of commercially pure titanium, maintains its strength throughout the bone remodeling process. • Sustainable Rigid Fixation High coefficient of friction provides a stable environment for rapid integration * • Precise and Reliable Correction Wedges available in 2 styles and 15 sizes to provide reliable and precise correction "Ancillary fixation required. Extensive Bone Ingrowth Porosity of the osteoconductive matrix (up to 70%) allows for rapid integration...

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Wright's BIOFOAM® material mimics the strength and flexibility of human bone, within a pre-sized, sterile wedge. CANCELLOUS TITANIUM" Material Maintained Strength The BIOFOAM® matrix imparts a compressive strength between cortical and cancellous bone, providing both flexibility and the ability to minimize deformation under dynamic loading conditions. Relative Compressive Strength of BIOFOAM" Metal'2 Strength Between Cancellous Bone Sustainable Rigid Fixation BIOFOAM® wedges have a high surface coefficient of friction that provides initial stability at the interface between the implant and...

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Wedge System Insertion Hole - Fully-Interconnected Porosity - Auxiliary Cavity - For use with the impaction The cancellous titanium matrix provides Provides the option for supplemental tool to ensure proper an ideal environment for bone ingrowth. addition of biologies or the secondary placement insertion of a fixation screw or wire. Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Wright Medical EMEA 5677 Airline Road Hoogoorddreef 5 Trademarks and 'Registered marks ofWrightMedicalTechnology, Inc O2010 Wright Medical Technology, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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