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DARCO® MRS™ Locked plating system for reconstructive rearfoot surgery.

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DARCO® MRS™ Locked plating system for reconstructive rearfoot surgery System Basics The DARCO® MRS™ plating system for the rearfoot has been designed in close collaboration with internationally renowned surgeons to address the specic needs of reconstructive foot and ankle surgery. After many years of iterative research and development, the resulting product is highly rened for treatment of challenging rearfoot disorders. All implants are manufactured to exacting standards from Titanium Alloy in our German facility. The system has been designed to take advantage of the many benets of...

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LPS™ Step displacement plate for TMT fusions and Lapidus procedures Designed for the unique challenges of Lapidus (1st TMT) and Lisfranc fusions. The step design permits plantarization and lateralization of the MT base. - Stable locked plate - 1mm step increments PIA™ Plate for Evans lateral/column lengthening, rearfoot osteotomies and fusions Permits a controlled, incremental interposition for reconstructive fusions and osteotomies of the rearfoot. - Integrated spacers - 2mm increments no spacer

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UPS™ 3.5 General purpose plating for a variety of midfoot and rearfoot procedures Useful for isolated tarsal fusions such as CC, NC, and TN joints. Also useful for Evans lenthening procedures with interpositional bone grafts. RPS™ Plating for complex rearfoot medial/lateral column reconstruction May be used to stabilize the medial and lateral columns from talus to metatarsal in Charcot or Flatfoot reconstruction technique. - 3 variations with 6, 8 and 14 holes - Locked 3.5mm screws for optimal purchase in soft bone

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AFP™ Flat plate for isolated tarsal fusions The nature of this design makes it suitable for subtalar, CC, Lisfranc and intercuneiform arthrodesis. DPS™ Step plate for xation of calcaneal displacement osteotomies The step plate design allows well-controlled shift of the posterior fragment in displacement calcaneal osteotomies (MDO/ Medial Displacement Osteotomy). Osteotomy and fixation are performed through the same surgical incision.

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CPS™ Low prole, locked plate for the calcaneous The flexibility of this plate allows it to be easily contoured to the bony surface. It is uniquely designed to offer locked-screw technology while maintaining a low, smooth profile. The large plate permits fixation of the CC joint for fractures with articular extension. - Only 1.5mm thick, with locked screws - Easily contoured - Universal sizing (ts either left or right) - 3 sizes: S, M and L

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Part No. Description Quantity Locked Screws Non-Locked Screws DC 35 Box System tray assembly 1

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