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UDIN Uniportal Decompression of the Intermetatarsal Nerve SURGICAL TECHNIQUE

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UDIN Uniportal Decompression of the Intermetatarsal Nerve Surgical Technique as described by Gary M. Lepow, DPM, MS Lepow Foot and Ankle Specialists Houston, TX Proper surgical procedures and techniques are necessarily the responsibility of the medical professional. Each surgeon must evaluate the appropriateness of the techniques based on his or her own medical training and expertise. INCISION Make a 1cm vertical web space incision. Gently dissect the anatomy to identify the distal border of the deep Transverse Intermetatarsal Ligament (TIML). CREATING THE PATHWAY Using blunt dissection,...

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BLADE ASSEMBLY Attach the scope-mounted blade to the endoscope using the locking device (see diagram below), with the viewing angle of the endoscope oriented towards the blade. DIVISION OF TIML Introduce the scope-mounted blade into the cannula and, as you observe the monitor, divide the TIML by advancing the blade through the cannula in a proximal direction. It typically requires one pass to divide the TIML. VERIFICATION OF DIVISION Remove the scope-mounted blade from the endoscope and reintroduce the scope into the cannula. The divided edges of the TIML should now be visualized along its...

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information AM UDIN INSTRUMENT KIT AMPFKIT1 Also available AM043001 AM Endo Blade (single pack) AM043005 AM Endo Blade (5 pack) Locking Device Part # AM960004 Obturator Part # AM330001 Slotted Cannula Part # AM330002 One Company. Focused of Foot & Ankle. GRAFTJACKET® Regenerative Tissue Matrix External Fixation Resorbable Mini Bead CHARLOTTE® Foot & Ankle Systems Wright Medical Technology, Inc. 5677 Airline Road Arlington, TN 38002 901.867.9971 phone 800.238.7188 toll-free www.wmt.com DARCO® Locked Plating System Wright Medical Europe SA Rue Pasteur BP 222 83089 Toulon Cedex 9 France...

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