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Wyn-CE for Research & Development

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The versatility of CAPILLARY ELECTROPHORESIS effective for THE ROUTINE APPLICATIONS aj i The Adaptive Capillary Electrophoresis is an ergonomic, very competitive and robust new approach, which caters of multiple choices of configurations in terms of sample volume and detections. The software is adapted at high requirements, allowing fine adjustment parameters. The Wyn-CE has high analytical performances, identical to those obtained by chromatography methods, in many application fields : • Food and Beverages : quality control, oenology, food safety ... • Environment: water, pesticides,...

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C Strengths of ADAPTIVE CAPILLARY ELECTROPHORESIS : 2'° ix * , Robust & intuitive [ handling in 5 minutes ) High performance & sensitivity ^ "Green” analytical technique Q Large application domains : j ions in various matrices, active pharmaceutical ingredients, organic acids in wines, serum proteins... Analysis laboratory & method development Multilingual acquisition software Easy maintenance ^ WIBA 10 WynSep ionic balance Analyser Anions & cations analysis with a unique electrolyte Determination of the basic ions in 10 minutes Analysis kit containing the separative electrolyte, he control...

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WynSep is a french society specialized in Capillary Electrophoresis and related detection technologies. WynSep is staffed by highly skilled engineers and biochemists with extensive experience in capillary electrophoresis since 90's. The innovation based on value analysis is placed at the centre of our activities to provide "ADAPTIVE” solutions and products. Design and achievement by Comm'in Solutions and Services Provider for customers WynSep offers multiple services levels such as methods transfer or development, application notes, on-site and in our laboratory capillary electrophoresis...

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