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DYNAMIC 3D NAVIGATION WORKFLOW REMARKABLE ACCURACY WITHIN MINUTES. Elevate precision and control in your dental implant procedures. The X-Guide system is designed to provide easy navigation for better control – our workflow blends easily into your existing procedure to provide a higher level of implant accuracy with just a few steps. CONSULTATION: X-Clip Place the X-Clip on the patient and take your CBCT scan as you normally do. The X-Guide system is compatible with most Cone Beam 3D systems. Making an X-Clip impression is fast and easy. Simply warm the X-Clip in a water bath to make it soft, then press firmly to take a 2-3 tooth impression. Immediately remove the X-Clip to cool and harden – in an ice bath the X-Clip will cool in approx. 20 secs). Use the robust implant planning software to plan all factors of the ideal implant location. Our software is easy-to-use and features direct DICOM import and desired tools like parallel planning, virtual teeth, and nerve visualization. If using an intra-oral scanner, go a step further with six simple clicks and register the I/O scan to plan with opposing teeth in occlusion. System Check Before the patient is seated for surgery, your staff will do two quick calibrations: Handpiece Tracker (1 min) and Patient Tracker (<1 min). Complete the entire Calibration and Calibration Check in under 5 minutes. This is to register the patient tracker and handpiece tracker to the 3D plan for real-time guidance. Navigation Surgery Once the patient is seated for surgery, place the X-Clip with Patient Tracker onto the teeth. Touch your drill to the Go-Plate for the system to calculate drill bit length. Then touch surrounding anatomy to confirm the system’s indication of position. Interactive turn-by-turn guidance gives the ability to improve every movement of your handpeice during osteotomy and implant delivery- like GPS for your drill.

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