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The radiation-protected MobiScan House is designed for the purpose of radiation-protection while identifying disease or injury within various regions of the body with the CT scanner outside the hospital, making this kind of medical service easier, more accessible, and more dynamic. Placed near the hospital, or the city location, it provides the best solution for the hospitals whose rooms do not anymore fulfill requirements for radiation protection; at the places who do not have a hospital for this medical treatment; or in the case of national crises, such as viruses, infections, in which...

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Treatment room Monitoring room Two changing rooms Hallway Outside Inside Steel construction Thermally insuated panels Housing for AC Gutters Holls for hooking Leveling feets Inverter air conditioners Video survaillance Plugs Ventilation system UV lamps Lightening system Stone wool isolation Antistatic floor Particleboard and marine plywood Lead protection Automatic sliding regular and radiation-shielded door Swing manual doors

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MobiScan House is designed The usage of the high quality Optionally requested. to withstand the wind loads audio/video system, and high we can equip MobiScan House the quality electrical system with the equipment you desire. meaning that it will be thermally are just onepart of the carefully steel structure is framed with thermally insulated panels, regulated at the conditions such insidethe MobiScan House, especiallyselected panels,

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The project for radiation protection of the MobiScan House is done the accredited company European standards, and by the recommendation of IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) , referral document NCRP Report No. 147, Structural Shielding Design for Medical X-Ray Imaging Facilities.

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Modem world. MobiScon House Modern solution. With our experienced team of engineers we can provide the most efficient solutions. Creative We research. We develop new systems. We comprehend the importance of one of a kind products. Email You can contact on two e-mails:

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X-Ray Doors is the brand dedicated to providing products that require radiation-protection. More information about our other _1 radiation-protected related products find at website

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Bulevar Zorana Djindjica 88, Belgrade Dunajska cesta 136, Ljubljana RRDIRTION SHIELDED DOORS REFAFLEX is a Serbian and Slovenian company specialized in manufacturing radiation-shielding doors. We are a team that understands how important radiation shielding is, and that is why we want to introduce to you our company and brand. As the manufacturer of one of the most important guards of safety in the field of radiation-protection, we would like to get you more familiar with our other products. The range of our radiation-protected products cover: - radiation-protected automatic sliding and...

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