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Cord for patient return electrode Cord for Bipolar forceps Cord for Sealing Clamp Cord for Endoscopy Equipment- 4mm HF cord for Single Stem Working Element Universal adapter Lure Lock Adaptor with RF connection Needle Electrode, 5 cm length Blade Electrode, 5 cm length Ball Electrode, 5 cm length Extended Blade Electrode, 8 cm Extended Blade Electrode, 12 cm Extended Blade Electrode, 15 cm Bipolar footswitch Monopolar footswitch Steel patient return electrode, Regular Steel patient return electrode, Pediatric Rubber patient return electrode, Regular Disposable Patient Plate- Single area, Regular, with cable Disposable Patient Plate- Dual area, Regular, with cable Foot switching chuck handle Monopolar Handswitching Pencil (Reusable) Monopolar Handswitching Pencil (Disposable) Bipolar Forceps, straight, 17 cm Bipolar Forceps, Bayonet, 20 cm Bipolar Forceps, straight, 17 cm, Nylon coated Bipolar Forceps, straight, 22 cm, Nylon coated Bipolar Forceps, Bayonet, 22 cm, Nylon coated Bipower Handle 001 Bipower Tubing 36 cm Bipower Insert – Maryland -36 cm Sealer Handle 001 Sealer Tubing 36 cm Sealer Tubing 18 cm Sealer Insert – Straight -36 cm Sealer Insert – Maryland -36 cm Sealer Insert – Maryland -18 cm Sealing Clamp Angled Sealing Clamp Angled- Coated Saline Loop for Single Stem Working Element- Storz type Saline Loop for Double Stem Working Element- Storz type Add Hi-Tech Precision to your Surgical Expertise... 3057, Bhandup Indl. Estate, Pannalal Compound, LBS Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400 078. India Tel : +91-22-2596 4645 / 3299 5113 Contact us at Shalya - Series of Electrosurgical Generators - the most advanced electrosurgical system that delivers optimum required electrosurgical effects through all types of tissue - fibrous, muscle, vascular or fat. Helping you make the right choice.. Email : Web : Complete range of electro surgical solutions...

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advanced technological innovations... Effect Modes- plotted response as the tissue demands... Cut Modes : Achieves consistent cutting in all types of tissues by 6SENSE Technology. 6SENSE Technology- more and more sensible... Excess Power results more tissue damage Less power drags electrode in cutting Fats Gall Bladder Bowel Liver Prostate in conducing solutions Neuro and conductive Tissue Tissue Density in Ohms Shalya ESU Vs Conventional ESU in Bipolar mode This is a recent innovation in field of advance feedback controlled Electrosurgical Technology. System maintains the set power over...

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• 2SiCoag : Two Simultaneous coagulation • 6 Bipolar Modes with 3 AutoBip Modes, Max Power – 70W • 4 Cut Modes with PULSE CUT Mode for ERCP, Max Power - 300W • 4 Coag Modes with low CF Fulgurate, Max Power – 120W • 6 SENSE Technology ESU • PREM - Patient Return Electrode Monitoring • Randomized SPRAY Coag • BiCoag Alarm • Bipolar Cut - in Macro Bip • AutoBip : Auto Start & Stop of Bipolar without foot switch • Argon Beam Coagulator up-gradable • User Programmable : THIRTY Surgical Programs • Pulse Cut (Optional) for Polypectomy & Papillotomy • Self Diagnosis • Remote Setting from surgical...

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General Technical Specifications - comparison at a glance... Smart Bipolar - auto bipolar & bicoag alarm for modern bipolar tools... BiCoag Alarm : Audio feedback after completion of Bipolar Coag, reduces charring and sticking. AutoBip : Automatic Start & Stop of Bipolar current by tissue sensing without foot switch activation. 2SiCoag - two coagulation generation in one... This is the unique feature of Shalya series, which system delivers two simultaneous coagulation outputs at a time with independent control. Two surgeons can work at a time on different surgical area in a same case with...

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