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SHALYA Touch Series - 1

SHALYA Complete range of electro surgical solutions... Touch Series Monopolar Cut : SEVEN modes : 380 kHz Low Cut : Precise and clean cutting for thin tissue Pure Cut : Cutting without hemostasis Blend1 : Cutting with moderate hemostasis Blend2 : Cutting with extra hemostasis Hydro : Under fluid / water cutting Endo1 : Pulse cut with moderate pulse interval Endo2 : Pulse cut with large pulse interval Monopolar Coag : SIX modes : 460 kHz Soft : Coagulation for soft & delicate tissue Dessicate : Coag with dipper hemostasis Swift : Soft coag with larger tissue coverage Force : Long distance / non-touch coagulation Spray : Long distance / non-touch coagulation with larger coverage Hydro : Under fluid / water coagulation Bipolar Cut : FOUR bipolar cutting modes : 440 kHz Bip Cut : Precious & clean bipolar cutting Macro : High voltage Bipolar cutting for thicker tissue Saline Low Cut : Low intensity saline cut for delicate tissue Saline Standard Cut : Saline plasma bipolar cutting for resection / vaporization Bipolar Coag : FIVE bipolar cutting modes : 440 kHz Micro : Low intensity Bipolar coag for delicate tissue Standard : Standard Bipolar coagulation for all types of tissue with moderate hemostasis Force : Bipolar coagulation for thicker & high impedance tissue Saline Soft Coag : Low intensity saline coag for delicate tissue Saline Force Coag : Saline plasma bipolar coagulation for resection / vaporization Vessel Sealing : TWO vessel sealing modes : 440 kHz Micro Seal : Delicate & thin tissue vessel sealing Standard Seal : Standard vessel sealing / fusion Saline Resection Mode : FOUR modes : 440 kHz Saline Low Cut : Low intensity saline cut for delicate tissue Saline Standard Cut: Saline plasma bipolar cutting for resection Saline Soft : Low intensity saline coag for delicate tissue Saline Force Coag : Saline plasma bipolar coagulation for resection Touch Series TFT Screen : TFT panel operation for flexible use Internet Enabled : Remote programmable / calibration Data Logging : Last 50 surgical cases data stored in system memory Self Demonstration Mode : System gives self demonstration and settings for users Accessories Range User Programmable : 100 user settable programs with case names helps in setting the system Recall Function : Automatic last status resume Auto Mono Mode : Auto start & stop of Mono cut & coag modes without foot / hand activation Auto Bip Mode : Auto start & stop of Bipolar modes without foot / hand activation Dual Mono Mode : Independent power and mode setting for two Monopolar channel 2SiCoag : Two Simultaneous coagulation output at a time with independent control Bipolar Cut & Coag : Bipolar Cut & Coag Mode with independent settings and activation BiCoag Alarm : Audio feedback after completion of Bipolar Coag, reduces charring and sticking Dual Vessel Sealing : Two Channel Vessel Sealing up to 7mm with reusable Open & Lapro attachments instruments with changeable blade Auto Stops : The energy delivery with audio indication at completion of sealing Tissue ReHold Alarm : Will be given if improper grasping of tissue Saline Resection : Bipolar Saline Plasma Cut two modes & Coag two modes Saline Safety Alarm : Electrode Disconnection / Non Saline activation Alarm Cost Effective Saline use : Regular Working Element can be used with regular loops 2 Endo Mode : Tissue feedback Pulse Interval controlled Pulse Cut for Polypectomy & Papillotomy Coated Clamp complete electrosurgical solutions Touch Series Electro Surgical Solutions Argon Beam Coagulator up-gradable : ESU can be upgraded for Argon Beam Coagulation module 6SENSE Technology : Maintain set power over wider range of tissue by Tissue Feedback Technology PREM : Patient Return Electrode Monitoring - Safety against the Patient Return Electrode site burns Self Diagnosis : Ensure the ESU with accessories are safe for functioning & display Error Codes if any 3057, Bhandup Indl. Estate, Pannalal Compound, LBS Marg, Bhandup (W), Mumbai - 400 078. India • Tel : +91-22-2596 4645 / 3299 5113 Email : Saline Plasma Bipolar Resection

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SHALYA Touch Series - 2

Touch Series advanced technological innovations... • 4.7” TFT Panel for flexible use • Self Demonstration Mode • User Programmable • Recall Function • Bipolar Cut & Coag • BiCoag Alarm • Endo Cut Mode • Argon Beam Coagulator up-gradable • 6SENSE Technology • PREM • Self Diagnosis • 4 Cut Modes : Low Cut : 300 W, CF-1.5, Pure Cut : 300 W, CF-1.5, Blend Cut : 200 W, CF-2.5, Endo Cut : 300 W, CF-1.5, • 4 Coag Modes : Desiccate : 120 W, CF-4.0, Swift : 120 W, CF-5.5, Fulgurate: 120 W, CF-6.5, Spray Coag : 120 W, CF-7.5 • 4 Bipolar Modes : Micro Bip: 70 W, CF-1.5, Standard: 70 W, CF-1.5, Force :...

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