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Infection Markers - 1

Infection Markers Single Panel Test Cartridge Advantages # Easy to Use, Results within 3 min. ♦ Whole Blood Test without Centrifuging. ♦ Room Temperature Storage. ♦ Different Accessories Provided. - CRP&SAA Test with Capillary Tube Provided. - PCT Test with Special Dropper Provided. Xiamen Biotime Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Address: 3F/4F, No. 188, Pingcheng South Road, Haicang Street, Haicang District, Xiamen, Fujian, 361026, P. R. China Tel: +86-592-6895866 Fax: +86-592-6882362 Web:

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Infection Markers - 2

2 in 1 Test Cartridge Advantages 2 Results in One Test within 3 min. Whole Blood Test without Centrifuging. Capillary Tube Provided. Room Temperature Storage. 2 in 1 Test Kit, Easy to Distinguish Bacterial and Viral Infections Comparison between CRP SAA and PCT Markers Increased with bacterial Synthetic Site Increased with bacterial and Increased with severe viral infection Products Performance Test Item Specimen Type bacterial infection 22-26 hours Linear Range Reaction Time Test Procedure of Capillary Tube ① Breaking through the foil cover with capillary tube. ② Taking 5μL of whole blood...

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