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A new platform of Nucleic Acid Extraction Rotation Nucleic Acid Extractor GeneRotex Series 7 INCH LED SUPER SCALE COLOR TOUCH SCREEN, EASY TO OPERATE. FLEXIBLE THROUGHPUT OPTIONS: > 96 THROUGHPUT : 6*16 Extraction module with special 96 deep well plate and 6-well single strip designed for GeneRotex to ensure high throughput and reduce reagent lostyou can extract from 1 to 96 samples per run. > 48 THROUGHPUT: Big sample volume increases detection sensitivity; 1ml sample volume with independent designed consumable makes lOlU/ml infectious pathogen sensitivity detection easier than before. 24 THROUGHPUT: Innovative 5ml large sample volume design can satisfy multi detection requirements such as prenatal DNA testing and drug use for tumors related detection. INNOVATIVE RMT(ROTARY MIXING TECHNOLOGY) OFFER YOU /PECIFICflTIOfl/ 1 .High efficiency of purfication 2.50% aerosol reduces compare with traditional oscillation method 3.Prevention of cross-contamination > 4.Running noise lower than 60 decible Temperature range Lysis heating : RT ~ 120°C Elution heating : RT ~ 120°C Mixing method Rotary Mixing Operation languges Operation mode seven-inch full color LED touch screen operation Protocol storage With 20 sets model protocol internally, up to 10,000 protocols can be stored COMPATIBLE WITH ALL THE CURRENTLYTIANLONG PRE-FILLED NUCLEIC ACID EXTRACTION KITS Protocol management Flexible to creat, edit and delete protocols Magnetic beads recovery rate Difference between wells Operation noise Contamination control Nagative pressure HEPA exhaust filter module, built-in UV lamp > More than 90% nucleic acid recovery rate and higher than 98% magnetic beads recovery rate increas confidence in your experiment result, especially for low concentration sample detection. The detection rate of 10 lU/ml HBV and 30 lU/ml HCV are both more than 98%. Power supply Temperature range Humidity range

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