XF3600 Vet portable color doppler


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XF3600V Full Digital Color Doppler System Scanning mode: Convex,Trans-vaginal, high-frequency linear array, Micro-convex;4D array;. Modes: B B/B B/M CFM CFM/B PDI PDI/B PW. 、 B/D dual-purpose: linear array: B/PWD; convex array: B/PWD; Main Parameter Support the five languages. Gray scale: 256 levels. Depth display: ≥250mm; Dynamic range: 0~120dB adjustable. One-click optimization function. Self-motion optimize function. Image multiplying factor. Image mode: digital beam forming, tissue harmonic imaging. picture in picture zoom in and zoom part function. Image storage, video storage, cine loop, disk toragecapacity≥160G; Frequency conversion: 2MHz-12MHz(Depending on the probe) 16 kinds of pseudo color encoding can optional. E-zoom: magnify 2 times of real time image. Focus position: dynamic electron focusing. Application Pigs. dogs, cows, cats, sheep, horses, cattle USB. VIDEO .DICOME.FOOT SW. Output Interface USB Port:Our machine can connect the common printer . Used to print the measurement report page. Optional Probe Convex Battery:10AH Li-ion

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