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“BEFORE MY CUSTOM IMPLANT I COULD CRY OF FRUSTRATION, NOW I CAN CRY OF HAPPINESS” “YOUR CONCERN AND COMPASSION FOR MY SON WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN” Second edition 02.2013 - Printed in the Netherlands - Copyright by Xilloc Medical BV - All rights reserved - No parts of this booklet may be reproduced without prior written permission from Xilloc Medical - We reserve the right to make alterations. Get aHead with Patient Specific I

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A passion for helping patients Every patient is unique and at Xilloc we believe that every patient should get individualized care, especially when it comes to implants. Therefore, we provide patient-specific implants and services to assist surgeons in helping individual patients in the best possible way. To improve the quality of life for patients by providing custom products to doctors Xilloc designs and produces patient specific implants on the prescription of the surgeon, meaning that we create what you envision! This makes Xilloc the company for all your patient-specific needs; custom...

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The flexibility and service of a small company the experience and quality of a big company Because of the tailor-made nature of our business, Xilloc Medical BV focusses on the individual client needs, ensuring that the individual product for your patient has our full attention and dedication. Having successfully made custom implants for over 10 year within the Maastricht University Medical Centre we officially founded Xilloc Medical in August 2011. Now also surgeons and patients from outside the Maastricht University Medical Centre can benefit from our know-how and expertise on patient specific...

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Marc’s story, a life changed - 5 Having suffered for six years, knowing it could have been less then one. August 2004. Marc, a healthy and fit 21 year old is riding his bicycle when dumb luck struck his path. Out of nowhere a woman popped up and in his attempt to avoid her he lost control over his bicycle, and fell to the ground with his head first. The impact caused traumatic brain injury, which can lead to a host of physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural effects. Although people can recover completely, permanent disability or even death can occur as a result. After being held in a...

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Bone graft Bone cement Titanium mesh People of all ages can face health problems that require them to undergo osteotomies. The bone defects that remain after craniotomies create emotional, functional, physical and aesthetic disturbances that change patients’ lives. The reconstruction of large/complex osseous defects still presents great challenges. And little is known on the best way to approach these challenges. For example if we take the reconstruction of large skull defects which is a truly complicated craft, with surgeons manually shaping, modelling and placing bone cement, bone grafts...

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Patient Specific Implants - 7 The benefits of a perfect fit A patient specific implant is designed to match the anatomy of the patient and therefore it has a perfect fit, which makes the PSI really easy to place. Surgery is quick, easy & safe The implant just falls into place, no adjustments to the implant, nor the patient’s bone are needed; just fixate it and you’re done. This significantly reduces surgery time. Aesthetically superb result Using state of the art modelling technology for the design of the implants we ensure an anatomically correct reconstruction, with an unrivaled aesthetic...

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8 - We create what you envision Customize your custom With your medical expertise and the technical know-how of our medical engineers together we create what you envision. You give us your input on implantation approach (shape, spacings, holes, fixation, material and more). We then take care of the design and the appropriate production method to realize your custom implant. We employ state-of-the-art production methods, like high speed milling and 3D printing to reach the perfect end result. together Special requests? For any specific requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Virtually...

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Unique implants are our specialty At Xilloc, we only create patient-specific products; every patient is unique and we treat a him/her as such. So rest assured, the custom implant for your patient has our undivided attention. The specialist in customs Having 10 years of experience in creating custom implants, Xilloc has gathered a lot of expertise from which you benefit. We are ready to assist and advise you from start to finish, with our in depth knowledge and expertise on design, biomaterials, anatomy, manufacturing and more, so you get the best possible custom product for your patient....

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10 - Place, Drill, Fixate InterFix Xilloc’s unique InterFix technology gives you preoperatively planned screw positions, screw direction and depth. InterFix eliminates the need for plating and requires only a few screws. During surgery, you place the custom implant into the defect, you drill holes tangentially into the cortical bone guided by the pre-made screw holes and to lock the implant, you fix screws into the holes. A large cranial defect typically only requires 5 to 9 screws. q Tangential fixation is a real revolution: it’s easy, it’s fast and it reduces the time I spend in surgery a...

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Xilloc developed a unique fixation method. We allow you to fix your custom implant with a tangential fixation. We include fixation holes in the implant guiding your drill and screws. No need for many screws and plates to fix an implant. Typically a large custom cranial plate requires only 7-9 screws for a solid fixation. An orbital implant only 2-3. Surgery is quick and easy Place. Drill. Fixate. Easy and quick. The custom implant falls into place, you drill through the fixation holes and then screw the implant into place. Since you only need a few screws, the implant is fixated before you know it....

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12 - Patient Specific Implants Since different applications have different material requirements and surgeons have different material preferences, Xilloc offers a variety of choice in biomaterials. We can assist you in choosing the right biomaterial for your patient. PEEK Excellent high-performance polymer biomaterial with physical properties comparable to cortical bone. PEEK is lightweight and can be sterilized with all common methods. PEEK is currently the material most used for facial reconstructions. PEEK is radiolucent and compatible with MRI. PMMA has a long track record as a...

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