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balance. Moreover,the serration of inside the tip makes holding-power tight and strong. <Rough Surface inside the Tip> <Fine Adjustment> by spring Thanks to this spring, the range of movement is very stable during an operation. It also means "easy control". Dr. does't need to put his/her finger in the space of between handles for adjusting the range of movement like conventional extraction forceps.

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Extracting Forceps Claw Pediatric Extracting Forceps Claw [Actual Size ] [Actual Size] [Actual Size] [Actual Size] [Actual Size] [Actual Size] Size / 161 mm [Actual Size]

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Extraction Forceps for Root Type-2 The sharp edge like an "Elevator" can go inside a root smoothly and hold remaning root firmly. The sharp tip is designed for approaching the narrow space of a root We manufactured suitably thin tip for approaching very narrow spaces of a root. [The image of approaching the space of a root] [Actual Size] The tip [Actual Size] The back of the edge is suitably thin to approach the space of a root . The sarration of the edge holds a remaning root firmly Even a remaning root is fragile,The serration holds it without putting too much power. Slender and long neck...

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Elevator B Handle Spear Suitably thin tip can approach a root and remove it from periodontal membrane sharply. This tip is able to hold a damage of surrounding tissues to a minimum so this elevator is effective for the extracting of "immediate implant placement". 〔How to use〕 Very sharp tip like a spear can find the point for approaching a root. Very thin tip can approach the narrow space of periodontal membrane. Put the tip into a root then periodontal mambrane is amputated and the teeth is extracted smoothly. Please do not lifting up a tooth by leverage-tequnique. It may cause a tip...

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