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YEirTRONIX GROUPING Phantorn Technologies Medical Simulation & Training YEZITRONIX Breast Ultrasound Most Accurate Breast Phantom & Surrounding Tissues Mimicking Device for Ultrasound Applications Yezitronix's Breast Phantom Fine needle aspiration training, guided needle biopsy procedure, robotic applications, The breast phantom construct mimics average 3D shape, size, human breast. Breast phantom with removable base Ultrasound images of breast phantom lesions and cysts Phantom Technologies Medical Simulation & Training Yezitronix Group Inc. Automation & Control Industries Inc. 6333 Chemin St. Francois, V.S.L., Quebec, Canada H4S1B6 Tel: (514) 856-0101 www.yezitronix.com info@vezitronix.com

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Ultrasound Breast Phantom - 2

Multi-layer material - each tissue (fat, cysts or lesions) is independent and has its own characteristics defined by a real 3D shape, gray level and mechanical properties. There are embedded cysts and lesions in the breast phantom to simulate biopsies or needle aspiration Multiple usages of the same packaged breast phantom during an extended period of time (needle tracks faint with time). Breast dimension: Enclosure dimension: Available models: a. Regular model with cysts and lesions is: B-RG-1.2 b. Multi-modality model (Ultrasound, CT, MRI) is: B-MM -1.2 c. With extra cysts and lesions is:...

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