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YEZITRONIX - Bi-plane Prostate Phantom  Model

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YEZFRONIX GROUPING Phqntom Technologies Medical Simulation & Training Bi-plane Prostate Phantom Model Most Accurate Prostate Phantom & Surrounding Tissues Mimicking Device for Ultrasound Applications Yezitronix prostate phantom Ultrasound images of prostate phantom YEZrTPONIX GROUPING Phantom Technologies Medical Simulation & Training Yezitronix biplane Model S-BP-2.3 Ultrasound Prostate Phantom is a multiple usage phantom developed for training and simulation of medical procedures such as ultrasound guided surgery, needle biopsy and ultrasound scanning. Its ingenious and versatile design makes model S-BP- 2.3 an incredible useful tool for training of different ultrasound rectal probes and surgical elements involved in the prostate medical procedures. The prostate phantom construct mimics the exact 3D Seminal vesicle Ejaculatory duct Rectal wall Partial bladder Perineal tissue Numerous lesions located inside the prostate. All organs & tissues are correctly adjusted to mimic exact ultrasound echogenic seen by surgeon during Yezitronix Group Inc. Automation & Control Industries Inc 6333 Chemin St. Francois, V.S.L., Quebec, Canada H4S1B6 Tel: (514) 856-0101

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Bi-plane Biopsy mode Yezitronix Group Inc. Automation & Control Industries Inc 6333 Chemin St. Francois, V.S.L., Quebec, Canada H4S 1B6 Tel: (514) 856-0101 .

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All phantom tissues mechanical properties are approximated to human tissues. All Prostate Phantom layers mimic the tissue behaviour (dynamics) when pierced. When for example a needle is piercing the Multi-Layer Prostate Phantom construct, it will generate a "Haptic Feedback (tactile)" to the user, simulating the real human tissue during biopsy. Graph Force vs Distance Real time graph (Prostate phantom device test bed) - of force as function of needle depth penetration Internal tissues setup of the prostate phantom bi-plane model $15 mm or $22 mm according client demand Yezitronix Group Inc....

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Specifications: Multi-layer material – each tissue or organ is independent and has its own characteristics defined by a real 3D shape, echogenicity level and mechanical properties. There are 4 embedded lesions in the prostate to help simulate biopsies. Multiple usage of the same packaged phantom during an extended period of time. Enclosure: 16(L) x 11.5(W) x 12(H), Material – PVC, PC and metal latches. Front upper window 6.5(W) x 5.5 (H), Probe input diameter – 3.5 (all units in cm) Perineal tissue: 65(W) x 55 (H) x 3mm thick, approximate mechanical response of human tissue Fat & Muscles: –...

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