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after surgery complications It is well known that in the first 24 hours after im- plantation of pacemaker or defibrillator, there are The risk of infection is related to the hematoma risks, sometimes considerable due to age, physical itself as pabulum of germs, and procedures for the shape of the patient or his medical history, to de- overhaul of the pocket that are necessary to eva- velop major complications that can compromise cuate the bulky hematomas. the patient’s clinical status and lengthen hospital Another important complication is the displace- stay as well as increase costs for...

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The system is sterile, disposable and easy to apply, to be used in the first 24 hours after implantation, to be removed before hospital discharge. CarePace: an innovative solution. Until now, the patient was instructed not to move the arm for the first 24 hours to avoid the electrodes displacement, and ice was applied locally to prevent hematoma. Zamar developed a containment, cooling and compression wrap system called “CarePace”. These three features of the system, combined into a single device, allow substantial reduction of the above mentioned complications, thus representing a...

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CarePace Cube Features • Cooling unit designed to be used in Electrophisiology Hall and department • 7” TFT touch screen usable even with gloves • Intuitive Menu icons • Possibility to select temperature and treatment time • Several pre-set programs that doctors can customize • Set-up through touch screen or via USB • Totally automated cycle management TEMPERATURE RANGE • Fast connecion/detatchment of wraps and pipes with no-leak attacks • NON-TOX cooling liquid option: stand with wheels ZAMAR MEDICAL d.o.o. Sv. Martin 6, - 52540 - Vrsar - HR Tel: +385 (0)52 496 111 - VAT: 96642432252...

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