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The dynamic management of temperature Advantages of Zamar Therapy • If you are recovering from an injury or an operation, Zamar Therapy plays a role in enhancing recovery time. • Zamar Therapy is a simple therapeutic is precisely treated through anatomic wraps. • Constant temperature - the temperature can be set from -5°C to +45°C alternating method, non-invasive, non-aggressive. • Cryotherapy is essential during the acute stage of the trauma as shown using the cold and warm cycles. • Pressure/Massage, function - Setting the internal pressure within the thermo R.I.C.E. protocols. •...

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Cryotherapy When the term Cryotherapy is used, it refers to the use of cold for treatment purposes; actually, cold thanks to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties is able to anaesthetise a painful muscle or joint for a certain period of time. The use of intermittent cryotherapy following an injury decreases the repercussions resulting from inflammation or a tear of muscle fibres, especially when dealing with acute musculoskeletal injuries. The biological changes stimulated by cryotherapy combined together lead to the indicated therapeutic effects: • Antiphlogistic effect: cell...

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The application of cold is highly recommended for various types of musculoskeletal contusions, tears and injuries. There are at least two purposes to pursue with the use of cold: a reduction of the perception of pain and a decrease of the effusion of liquids thanks to its ischemic action. Zamar Therapy is used to treat: • Muscular System - Contusion - Contracture - Lesion I - II grade - Haematoma • Tendon System - Tendonitis - Tenosynovitis - Tendinopathy • Osteo-Cartilage System - Contusion - Post Fractures • Capsular-Ligaments Structure - Distortion - Contusion to Ligaments • Post...

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2 A wrap for each requirement • Cold and warm is conveyed through insulated pipes and insulated thermo wraps ,secured with Velcro strips • Anatomic wraps remain soft in any condition and can be easily adapted to the part to be treated • Zamar Therapy offers a comprehensive range of thermo wraps specific for each part of the body Zamar’s anatomic wraps allow a perfect transfer of the warm and cold on the part of the body being treated thanks to the anatomic shape that increases the contact with the body surface. The wraps are available in disposable sterile packs for hospital use or supplied...

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3 new touch screen monitor provides simplicity and full control Operators have access to a number of preset programs that allow the application of the therapies. The operator may also freely create and store his own specific programmes/protocols, adapted to meet the needs of his patients. The touch screen uses an amorphous silicon TFT display which makes it easy to read even in critical light conditions. The intuitive touch-screen interface, with simple icons and graphics, allows the operator to use the system to its full capability by constantly monitoring the patient. These new therapy...

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Zamar Therapy products are electro medical units Class Ila - Patent n° 0342564681 ZT Clinic1 - The Solution for Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centres ZT Cube - The portable solution ZT Clinic Suitable for rehabilitation, designed and built for complex requirements of clinics and hospitals with up to 2 patients receiving the same treatment at the same time. • Application cold -5° C and warm +45°C. • Thermal shock feature - from 0° to 40°C in 60 seconds • Handle up to 4 wraps at the same time • 10” control panel touch screen • Settings for time, temperature & pressure of the treatment •...

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* In relation to the type of band. The environment and conditions of use recommended • Dr. Michele Zasa - Mobile Clinic in the World Utilized by bikers of World Moto GP and Superbike ZAMUT. ZAMAR MEDICAL d.o.o. Sv. Martin, 6 52450 - Porec - Croatia (HR) Tel: +385 (0)52 496 111 VAT: 96642432252

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