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Hazardous goods packaging Reliable protection – even under the most extreme conditions

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Universal container K 470 The original – since 1950 Often copied but still unmatched. Whether you need to protect sensitive equipment for an expedition, urgently required supplies for humanitarian aid projects or hazardous goods in transit: The classic K 470 aluminium cases from ZARGES are the perfect way to protect whatever you need to transport – even under extreme conditions. And with our comprehensive range of accessories, you are sure to find the optimum packaging solution for every task. These lightweight and extremely resilient cases are available in 25 sizes.

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ZARGES – no compromises when it comes to safety and protection Why use aluminium for hazardous goods containment? Extremely robust quality. Lightweight. Long service life for frequent re-use. Easy to reseal. Highly stable thanks to a metal thickness of 1.5 mm from sizes of 800 mm × 600 mm upwards. Ideal for heavy hazardous goods. Sturdy packaging for reliable protection even under the most extreme conditions. Why hazardous goods containment from ZARGES? Wide selection of approved standard sizes. Broad range of approved product series (UN 4B, UN 4BV, UN 50B). Short delivery times, even for...

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There's a case for every requirement in this selection! 25 different sizes and 1,000 possible combinations. The K 470 series comprises 25 models and thus offers a unique range of standard sizes. Capacity ranges from 13 to 829 litres. And if by any chance you do not find the right case for your needs here, ZARGES can also manufacture special sizes to order. All sizes also available with approval for the transportation of hazardous goods. Internal dimensions (L × W × H, approx. mm) External dimensions (L × W × H, approx. mm) With hazardous goods approval, max. permissible gross weight, kg...

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To ensure that hazardous goods packaging complies with the legal specifications for shipment, you need the right accessories. And so ZARGES offers a comprehensive range of accessories. Useful accessories for the hazardous goods range TÜV-tested lifting tackle Load capacity up to 200 kg per case. Attachment set, lifting sling, textile. No rattling noises. Can also be used in combination with hazardous goods approval. Order No. 40745 Clip-on castors Packaging cushion, fireproof Mobility for all cases from a size of 550 mm × 350 mm (internal dimensions). Can be fitted without tools. Made of...

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Foam linings – the flexible and reliable way to protect your goods Foam lining The quick and simple solution for individual items or small batches. Pre-perforated flexible foam inserts made from open-cell PU foam. Shape can be adjusted without the use of tools. Sheet thicknesses in the set: 2 sheets each 30 mm and 60 mm, nubbly-foam lid insert 30 mm, base foam 10 mm. The universal protection for your goods and equipment. Base and wall sections made from Plastazote LD45, selfadhesive design (specific density 45 kg/m3, thickness 11 mm), lid lined with PU nubbly foam. With installation on...

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ZARGES hazardous goods packaging meet widely varying requirements Hazardous goods may only be transported in packaging which meets strict safety standards criteria and is approved by the relevant authorities. For many years, ZARGES has been producing UN-approved containment systems made from aluminium. C l i en t + Z A R G E S Consultation and packaging concept (internal and external packaging) Solution available? Solution covered by existing approval Development of a special solution Wide selection of existing UN approvals Design, construction and testing by ZARGES Application for approval...

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ZARGES– Access equipment. Packaging, Transportation. Special solutions. At ZARGES, our focus is on the benefit for the customer. Innovative standard products, special solutions or comprehensive service – every day, our customers can rely on the safety and high quality of our range. Find out more at www.zarges.com Further information is available on the Internet or from your specialist dealer: or contact us at: Tel.: +49-(0) 881-687-131 · Fax: +49-(0) 881-687-484 E-Mail: special.systems@zarges.de The products shown here are only a small excerpt from our overall range. ZARGES GmbH...

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