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High Performance Cases - 1

High Performance Cases K 470 universal containers IP 65 Mitraset® RRF and a wealth of innovations Packaging solutions for military and electronic equip

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High Performance Cases - 2

High Performance Cases – at ZARGES, you get the high quality our name stands for Professional logistics solutions for special requirements Every single ZARGES box is the result of decades of experience in the design and production of re-usable containers for packaging, storage and transport applications. This know-how in the field of professional logistics solutions, plus high-quality aluminium as the basic material, are the ideal starting point for the design and manufacture of products for special requirements and applications. Extremely lightweight yet stable, corrosion-proof,...

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High Performance Cases - 3

Transport and storage container K 475 Seite 32 – 35 Heavy duty case K 473 Seite 36 – 37 Special containers Seite 38 – 41 ZARGES hazardous goods packaging Seite 42 – 45 Universal container K 470 Seite 46 – 65 Collapsible containers Seite 66 Accessories Page 72 Mitra

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High Performance Cases - 4

ZARGES know-how in development and production The strengths of ZARGES lie in the development of new products, the rapid implementation of new ideas in user-oriented, innovative solutions, adherence to the highest quality standards and comprehensive support for its customers. ZARGES has many years of experience in the development and production of logistics equipment for industry, trade and the public sector, designed to meet the highest quality requirements. At its main production site, ZARGES has state-of-the-art production and storage facilities with an area of more than 23,000 m2. Using...

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High Performance Cases - 5

ZARGES transport systems and re-usable containers made from aluminium Economical, safe and environmentally friendly: Aluminium is lightweight, yet extremely stable: The density of aluminium is only approx. 2.6 to 2.8 g per cm3. That is approx. 1/3 the density of steel. In spite of its low weight, aluminium is extremely strong. Aluminium is incombustible: No sparks fly when you strike aluminium materials. Aluminium is non-flammable, not even aluminium shavings burn. Aluminium is impact-resistant and extremely strong: Its surface dents on impact, but the force of the blow is absorbed by the...

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High Performance Cases - 6

Mitraset 19˝ housing Housing for electronic instruments

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High Performance Cases - 7

Mitraset® 19˝ housings according to VG 95 446 are designed to accommodate electronic devices in a 19˝ rack. They protect the equipment against a wide range of influences: These include mechanical influences such as shock, impact and vibrations, electromagnetic interference from radio waves, lightning etc. as well as general environmental effects such as heat, moisture, dust etc. Mitraset® 19˝ housings incorporate the following features in order to meet these requirements: The casing is made from precision-welded high-strength aluminium sheets and profiles to which an elastically suspended...

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High Performance Cases - 8

Extract from the results of testing to MIL-STD-810 D / VG 95 446-2 5.8.2 Damp heat test  Test 516.3 in accordance with VG MIL-STD-810 D-17.  The shock test with recording of the damping values is to be carried out in the six main directions, each time with 3 half-sine shocks at an acceleration a = 40 g and a pulse time t = 7 ms.  Test 507.2 in accordance with VG MIL-STD-810 D-8, method III. 5.3 Strength of carrying handles  The test specimen is suspended in the normal position and loaded in such a way that there is a force of 375 N acting on each carrying handle. Then the test specimen...

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High Performance Cases - 9

Example of shielding efficiency measurement to MIL-STD-285, measured values Measured on a 9 HE, 350 mm nominal depth housing with shielded inner frame Extract from the results of testing to MIL-STD-810 G / VG 95 446-2  MIL-STD-810 G method 506.5 Rain – Procedure I – Rain and Blowing Rain. Wind speed 28 m/s, at least 90 minutes per side.  MIL-STD-810 F method 509.4 – Salt Spray – Duration of test 96 hours  Resistant to mildew formation in acc. with MIL-STD-810 F method 508.5 – Fungus – Duration of test 28 days  Shielding efficiency to MIL-STD-285 Test as per specifications of hazardous...

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High Performance Cases - 10

Vibration damping Undesirable mechanical vibrations often occur in transport and in many other applications. These may have a negative effect on the function of electronic components and thus represent an increased safety risk. ZARGES Mitraset® housings offer a solution to vibration problems in military, aeronautical and aerospace applications as well as in industry. They are tested to MIL-STD-810. For special requirements, a modified Mitraset® housing has been developed and undergone successful testing in accordance with the strict specifications of MIL-STD-810 F.

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High Performance Cases - 11

The following diagram shows the test specifications to FIGURE 514.5C-3.: Composite wheeled vehicle vibration exposure. Acceleration spectral density – g2/Hz Transverse Longitudinal Vibration exposure in acc. with MIL-STD-810 F Category 4 Figure 514.5 C-3 Composite wheeled vehicle vibration exposure 1 g2/Hz Measured values – vertical 0.1 Inner frame 0.01 Input 0.001 0.0001 0.00001 5

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High Performance Cases - 12

Mitraset® Components Rubber seal Anti-vibration frame Skirt seal Carrying handle Pressure compensation (3 variations) Guide rail Rail Rubber bumper Float-mounted latch receptacle Lid Earth connection Shock mount Toggle latch The precision-welded Mitraset® housing is made from high-strength aluminium sheets and profiles and protects sensitive electronic equipment against extreme temperature conditions, moisture and electromagnetic interference, while a specially designed anti-vibration frame cushions against mechanical shocks, impact or vibrations. (Some items shown in illustrations are...

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High Performance Cases - 13

Lids, handles, stacking features Stacking diagram Details  Stacking recess on the top.  Standard housing with additional strengthening ribs on the top and side walls.  Recesses on the side walls for drop handles.  Recess also suitable for accommodating pressure relief valve and humidity indicator.  Screw-down lids can also be supplied. Housings in nominal depths 219 mm, 350 mm and 480 mm can be stacked together. Stacking bars bottom Depending on the respective depth I all other d

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