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ZARGES DATA® → With new lid variants → Can be personalized with your logo Data Disposal – A matter of trust. With security and quality from ZAR

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ZARGES data disposal containers have been redesigned in many technical details and devised to be even more user-friendly. Professional data disposal companies as well as small and large businesses have trusted the protection of ZARGES DATA® security containers for years – the new quality will astound you:  Especially sturdy due to large edge and base profiles.  Unique stability because profile-section joints are continuously welded in the cross section.  The profile sections have a fully integrated and permanent engineered band to all mating wall and base sections.  End and side wall...

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ZARGES DATA® – The new security containers for your file disposal in compliance with the data-protection provisions of the German Federal Data Protection Act.

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ZARGES DATA® – Clever concepts for your data security. 655 l Slot and Spring-Loaded Flap Lock Select the ZARGES DATA® security container suitable for your application. There are many standard variants and combination possibilities. Snap Fastener Combination Lock We are able to design your customised product, where quantities permit. Latch Lock Logo Holder 1 More information is available at our Internet site: Logo Holder 2 Customised Embossing Lid in Colour Piping — Combination not possible Combination available Slot & SpringLoaded Flap Slot and Spring-Loaded Flap Lock Snap...

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Stable and ergonomic handle Hard aluminum tubes are welded to the corner brackets and connected to the container with 8 solid rivets – so you always have full control. Lid can be opened wide for practical unloading  350-l- / 500-l-Container: Lid can be opened to 270° Strap available upon request.  70-l- / 415-l- /655-l-Container: Opening angle 110°, Standard strap.  240-l-Container: Opening angle 110° due to special hinge. Spring-loaded flap with or without locking bar Lids are standard equipped with deposit slip and spring-loaded flap. Locking bars for securing the flap is an available...

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Perfectly coordinated details will convince you:

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Customised inscription of your ZARGES DATA® security containers The redesigned logo holder on the lid makes customised identification possible. Identify your ZARGES DATA® security container with your company logo, department designation or anything else. Print, cut and insert desired label. We recommend you order an empty sheet of waterproof labels for your printer at the same time. Your ZARGES DATA® security container pre-labeled with your company logo can also be supplied by us. The sturdy plexiglass sheet protects your label from scratches. Standard delivery of logo holders includes the...

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ZARGES DATA® is a brand and development of ZARGES GmbH. The basis for the design of our products is the Act for Technical Work Equipment and Consumer Products (Equipment and Product Safety Act – GPSG). ZARGES works in accordance with valid labor laws and accident prevention regulations. Our company is certified according to ISO 9001. Environmental protection regulations are made following ISO 14 000. Our customer consultants are always available for your questions regarding products, customised products, etc. at any time. Would you like to know more about ZARGES DATA®?...

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