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group of companies ZARYA We develop, manufacture and supply rehabilitation aids and physiotherapy equipment, research and study new methods of recovery. The Company employs an integrated approach and focuses on a number of areas, thus obtaining a large evidence base, using the latest methods, constantly improving and expanding the range of products. We design, manufacture and supply medical physiotherapy equipment and rehabilitation aids. We have our own production facilities, advanced logistics and customer service. Our own testing facilities, Exarta Medical Rehabilitation Centre. We...

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PHYSIOTHERAPY EQUIPMENT Magnetic Therapy Equipment: LUX and STANDARD Magnetoturbotrons4 Kolibri-Expert Magnetic Therapy System6 Avantron Magnetic Stimulator8 Elgos Electrostatic Massager10 REHABILITATION AID Imitron Walking Simulator12 Balance Master Simulator14 Alter Step Dynamic Stair Trainer16 Reaterra Treadmill18 Anika Rehab Glove20 Exarta Kinesiotherapy Suspension System22

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MAGNETOTURBOTRONLUX AND STANDARD Ifl PRESET TREATMENT PROGRAMS. • MANUAL CUSTOMER SETTINGS. • SENSOR DISPLAY FOR EASY OPERATION. - A uniform vortical magnetic field with a maximum induction of 3 mT is generated around the entire patient’s body, - It is much more effective than local magnetotherapy, - A wide range of indications for treatment and functional versatility, - High biotropism, - Non-thermal effect resulting in fewer contraindications, - The equipment induces and maintains the excitability of the brain nerve structures for a long time (the therapeutic effect continues even after...

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REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE No. RZN 2016/3707 dated February 19,2016 Magnetoturbotron is a physiotherapy equipment for systemic magnetotherapy. The device has a capsule-like form with a large diameter inductor installed inside. The Magnetoturbotron generates a uniform rotating magnetic field with a maximum induction of 3 mT around the entire patient’s body, which produces a positive effect on all body systems. The equipment has been produced for more than 15 years. More than a thousand devices have been manufactured, installed and successfully operate in medical institutions in Russia and the...

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Is THE SYSTEM HAS A SYSTEMIC EFFECT DIRECTING THE MAXIMUM INDUCTION ON THE DESIRED AREAS OF THE PATIENT’S BODY. Kolibri-Expert (UMTI-3F) is a three-phase pulsed magnetic therapy system. The magnetic field generated by the Kolibri-Expert Magnetic Therapy System has a pronounced spatial and temporal heterogeneity, which provides a higher biotropism compared to other types of magnetotherapy equipment. It increases the patient’s sensitivity to the treatment. The magnetic field generated by Kolibri-Expert Magnetic Therapy System is characterized by low energy and non-thermal effect on the body....

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REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE No. FSR 2011/11030 dated June 21,2011 Kolibri-Expert (UMTI-3F) is a three-phase pulsed magnetic therapy system. It generates damped alternating magnetic field pulses with induction variations of at least 3.5 mT in the center and 28 ± 6 at the solenoid surface. The equipment produces a systemic effect directing the maximum induction on the desired areas of the patient’s body. The system includes a special couch, which allows the patient to lie comfortably during the procedure, and to quickly change the configuration of the three solenoids in order to generate either...

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RWAVEMAGNETIC STIMULATOR Extracorporeal magnetic stimulation of the neuromuscular apparatus of the pelvic floor | • POSITIVE CHANGES ARE NOTED AFTER 10-15 PROCEDURES EACH OF THEM LASTS 20 MINUTES. Delicate solution of sensitive problems. I« LACK OF THE STRESSFUL FACTORS • TREATMENT WITHOUT PAIN, ANGUISH AND STRESS « HEALTHY USE « HIGH CAPACITY Indications for therapy and treatment recommendations: FOR MEN: - chronic pelvic pain - chronic prostatitis category III - erectile dysfunction - premature ejaculation - urinary incontinence - post-operative recovery after radical prostatectomy -...

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«RWave» is a comfortable chair, where a seat has the magnetic inductor which generates the focused magnetic field directed on muscles of the pelvic floor. The impulse excites nervous fibers which force the contraction of muscles, providing their training and raising a tone. Currently the extracorporeal magnetic method is widely used in the world medical practice. Treatment results for more than three million patients demonstrated its high efficiency, safety and painlessness. ATTENTION! A few hours after the procedure men have increased potency and increased sexual desire, the effect lasts...

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ELGOSELECTROSTATIC MASSAGER The effect of Elgos Electrostatic Massager is based on the deep tissue oscillation. The method includes exposure of the patient’s body to a low-frequency electrostatic field of high intensity with changeable modes (the ratio of the pulse/pause duration) and with varying intensity. The electrostatic field induces varying vibrations in tissues, extending to a considerable depth. Oscillatory processes have analgesic and antispastic effect, improve tissue trophism, local hemodynamics and lymph circulation, promote tissue regeneration. Elgos Electrostatic Massager has...

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ELECTROSTATIC MASSAGER REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE No. FSR 2012/13738 DATED AUGUST 13,2012 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF ELGOS ELECTROSTATIC MASSAGER: - 5 treatment modes: - Mode 1: Slight vibration, 1/3, - Mode 2: Slight intensive vibration, 1/2, - Mode 3: Medium vibration, 1/1, - Mode 4: Strong vibration, 2/1, - Mode 5: Strong intensive vibration, 3/1, - Output voltage: 0 to 430 V (0 to 100% on the device interface), - Output signal frequency: 5-250 Hz, - Procedure duration: 1-30 minutes, - Electrical Safety Class II, Type B (as per GOST R50267.0), - Overall dimensions, mm: - Stationary:...

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IMITRONWALKING SIMULATOR I • ACTIVE AND PASSIVE MECHANOTHERAPY OF LOWER LIMBS, a MOTOR REHABILITATION AFTER STROKE AND SPINAL INJURIES. IMITRON Walking Simulator is used for active and passive mechanotherapy. It is used in the rehabilitation after diseases and injuries of the spine, spinal cord and brain. I a FOR MEDICAL REHABILITATION CENTRES AND HOME EXERCISES, a TWO VERSIONS (FOR CHILDREN AND ADULT PATIENTS) ARE AVAILABLE. Technical specifications Patient’s height_ Dimensions (LxWxH)_ Support for the lumbar spine with a belt retainer Leg movement amplitude in the simulator Imitron (for...

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