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CE-PED ISO9001 IS013485 GF SERIES AUTOCLAVE GR SERIES AUTOCLAVE GIT SERIES AUTOCLAVE Gl DP SERIES AUTOCLAVE FD SERIES AUTOCLAVE GW SERIES HORIZONTAL AUTOCLAVE Zealway Instrument Inc. www.zealway.us Suite 806,1220N.Market Street Wilmington,DE 19801 USA US Head Office:usasales@zealway.us Mainland China Branch Office:sales@zealway.com.cn Thailand Office:seasales@zealway.us Australian Branch Office:ausales@zealway.us China Branch Office,Taiwan:twsales@zealway.us European Office:eusales@zealway.us

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I In this world, Thousands of laboratory autoclaves are produced everyday,Only a tiny part of them can satisfy more demanding requirements: Safer, easier, more intelligent and more tasteful... I The more requirements are demanded, the greater missions are given. ZEALWAY is destined to be the representative of higher-end products! About Zealway PRODUCT SPARE PART BRANDS COLLECTION GF SERIES AUTOCLAVE GR SERIES AUTOCLAVE Gl T SERIES AUTOCLAVE Gl DP SERIES AUTOCLAVE FD SERIES AUTOCLAVE OTHER OPTIONAL&USEFUL SPARE PARTS FOR YOU TO CHOOSE GW SERIES HORIZONTAL AUTOCLAVE

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About Zealway»> With the belief that scientific and technological progress will benefit mankind, a deep understanding of the sterilization equipment field, and a commitment to technological innovation, Zealway has provided safe, efficient and convenient sterilization solutions to researchers and professionals for more than 20 years. Zealway Instrument Inc is a globally recognized specialist manufacturer of sterilization equipment. Its head office is located in the US state of Delaware, with offices also located in Australia, China, Thailand and elsewhere. For the last 20 years, Zealway’s...

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Big LCD screen to show whole process and data, sterilization state is clear at a glance Fast cooling: Standard fast cooling fan, to shorten the sterilization process Front and detachable waste bottle for easy maintenance Technical Data Unique opening way, more convenient than traditional vacuum suction way. One touch automatic open and close for GFA series Inter lock sensor

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To meet the requirements of a future lab GR series intelligent autoclaves-a once-off selection that exempts the worries of continual upgrading Heavy-gauge sterilization chamber GR SERIES AUTOCLAVE The heavy gauge sterilization chamber in a diameter of 40cm offers a massive space to satisfy various sterilization requirements. The latest “inspiration” fast-speed microcomputer intelligent control system is highly robust to not only realize the total-process controls of sterilization, but also enable convenient maintenance, inquiry, calibration, recording and upward seal-ability in the future....

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Preset Procedures and memory system Six sterilization procedures and warming procedures are preset for the sterilizing, warming and drying of solids and liquids, the melting and warming of agars. There are up to 60 cycles and be created and saved to be readily used. Mechanical interlocking: the unique “eight-column evenly distributed” interlocking device is safer and more reliable than common interlocking devices. The electric double inner locks enable the control system to monitor the temperature and pressure in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis and disable opening of the...

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Gl T SERIES: NEW-generation Fully-automatic Autoclave Microcomputer control system Over temperature protection system The system can monitor the temperature changes in the sterilization chamber on a real-time basis and disconnect power supply immediately upon detection of over temperature or abnormal temperature variation. “SMART INI” microcomputer control system is adopted to realized not only intelligent controls of the sterilization process but also the classified management of instruments (user, administrator and engineer three levels included).As a result, we can guarantee satisfactory...

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Gl DP SERIES AUTOCLAVE Yes, this is the vacuum yump series you are foohiny for! Original imported vacuum pump, effectively eliminate cold air, eliminate dead angle, especially suitable for sterilization of pipes, bends, thin tubes and other objects. It can provide two ways of exhausting cold air, vacuum pump and downward discharge. It is not only suitable for sterilization of solid and waste, but also suitable for sterilization of liquid medium. Products are not only suitable for laboratory use, but also widely used in epidemic prevention, cosmetology, obstetrics, ophthalmology and other...

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• Microcomputer control system • Sterilization process can be pre-set and completed automatically • Solid mode, liquid mode • Simple and easily understandable control panel to show the sterilization tern perature, sterilization time and drying time at the same time, pressing separate keys to set the temperature and time makes the operation easier • System automatically monitors the discharging of the cold air to guarantee a pure steam sterilization environment and optimal sterilization effects • LED screen clearly shows the dynamic sterilization process • 13 error detection procedures to...

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GW Series Horizontal AutoclaveOutstanding Features Automatic Door Just push the chamber door gently, the system will lock automatically, click the open button, and the chamber door will open automatically 5 levels of use authority management Equipped with imported air filter, the filtering effect can reach 0.1 urn level, and the performance is much better than the traditional 0.2um level, so as to ensure that the clean gas enters the cavity Rapid cooling system After sterilization, the coil type jacket is filled with cold water, and the rapid cooling system is started to speed up the...

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Multilingual LCD touch screen, dynamic display of various states by means of text, data and diagram, convenient man-machine dialogue and editing operation steps by means of touch control Chamber material can be upgraded to SUS316L 1 .Safer door locking way The door locking device is more evenly stressed and safer than the traditional door locking device 2.Automatic door-lock Only can be started when the chamber door is locked. When the temperature and pressure are in an unsafe state, the door cannot be opened. 3.New water level monitoring system Automatic detection of water level, automatic...

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