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SEE IT IN ACTION HIGH-VOLUME LABORATORY MANAGEMENT Enhancing Efficiencies in Laboratory Specimen Management High volumes of specimen testing require high-performance lab management An infection outbreak—local, national or global—dramatically increases laboratory staff’s workloads with huge volumes of specimens to test while under pressure to get results as fast as possible with no room for errors. Not only can specimen identification errors negatively impact patients by delaying, impeding or misdirecting treatment options1 (60% to 70% of which are determined by lab results2), but they can also slow efforts to reduce infection rates and end the infection outbreak. Additionally, lab errors can increase costs for the healthcare facility and damage the facility’s reputation. Barcode technology has become a proven solution for labs to boost specimen identification efficiency by automating data entry3 and reducing specimen identification error rates. A retrospective study revealed that barcode scanning and one-on-one specimen collection education resulted in a 90% reduction in specimen identification errors4. Reduce Testing Identification Errors Amidst High Volume Demands Barcode and RFID technologies, including scanners, label printers, handheld mobile computers and software, help labs serve a critical diagnostic role during an infection outbreak in several ways. Capturing Specimen Data Efficiently and Accurately Scanning specimen barcode or RFID labels ensures quick, reliable data capture that can aid diagnosis accuracy while maintaining the chain of custody that began at the patient bedside or a drive-through testing center. This practice also documents specimen receipt, initiation of testing and the technician who is handling the specimen—all of which are potentially valuable data in the event of questions surrounding specimen processing. Enhancing Patient Safety By eliminating the need for multiple data entries, barcode and RFID label printing and scanning reduce specimen misidentification errors. Also, these processes document the steps taken in specimen handling at any given time, so lab technicians can track specimens when necessary and ensure they are analyzed in a timely manner. Better specimen data-capture accuracy and tracking ability help lab technicians enhance patient safety. Maximizing Workflow Efficiency, Minimizing Costs Operational efficiency is a critical aspect of overall lab performance. Delayed identification of a single specimen can slow down the entire operation, causing multiple diagnosis delays. Barcode and RFID printing and scanning solutions designed for lab environments help prevent bottlenecks and maintain workflow efficiency by minimizing manual data

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SEE IT IN ACTION HIGH-VOLUME LABORATORY MANAGEMENT Solutions for Specimen Management Accuracy and Efficiency Zebra mobile computers, scanners, printers and specimen labels help accelerate the safety, accuracy and speed of laboratory specimen management. Handheld Mobile Computers Zebra TC52-HC mobile computers are designed specifically for healthcare use cases. With integrated, advanced scanning technology, Zebra TC52-HC devices rapidly capture 1D and 2D barcodes to scan specimen barcode labels and keep the identification process flowing seamlessly. They are highly durable with drop ratings...

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