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The World of Biomechanics zebris Medical GmbH The new balori® e-coordination training system is to improve basic coordination which seamlessly fits into the training surroundings of modern gyms and wellness facilities, rehabilitation and physiotherapy practices as well as corporate health care. There is no need for a trainer at all thanks to the simple virtual 3D instructions with an avatar, which turns the coordination and balance training from head to toe into child's play. The system is suitable to improve your quality of movement, speed of action and ability to adapt and to strengthen...

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balori® systematic e-coordination training - 3

The World of Biomechanics zebris Medical GmbH Screen with stand High-performance PC Camera to record movement balori® software with up to 46 methodically structured and systematic sets of exercises, depending on the version zebris pressure platform balori®-X 110x 60 x 2 cm (Lx W x H) 1,456 sensors Bundesministerium flrWirfectnft und Technologie aufgnind dues Bcsihlusscs (Its DtuLschtn Blind estates zebris Medical GmbH ■ Germany ■ P.0. Box 1143 ■ D-88305 Isny im Allgau ■ Am Galgenbuhl 14 ■ D-88316 Isny im Allgau Phone +49-7562-97260 ■ Fax +49-7562-972650 ■ ■

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