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The zebris EMG Bluetooth Measuring System for Recording Muscle Activity

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The zebris EMG-an analyzing instrum As an alternative to the EMG, joint noises can be recorded and printed out, for instance, as a spectral analysis Electromyography enables dysfunctional muscle activation to be identified and thereby specific treatment to be given at a hospital or rehabilitation center. The zebris EMG-8 Bluetooth measuring system records muscle action potentials by means of bipolar skin surface electrodes. The system is suitable for measuring up to eight muscle groups simultaneously. Evaluation Reports of the WinJaw measuring program. The standard examinations comprise the...

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zebris Medical GmbH ent with numerous application is effected wireless per Bluetooth An internal buffer memory bridges measurement times outside the reception range, as the case may be. displayed during the measuring The program enables different The measuring electronics is housed in an adapter that can be carried The EMG electrode cables are fitted with active differential preamplifiers that eliminate interference voltages large extent.

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zebris Medical GmbH Technical Data Basic device Number of analog channels Number of digital channels Measuring rate Internal backup memory Data backup if reception is interrupted Power supply Weight (without batteries) Active differential electrode cables (obtainable with or without neutral electrode) Up to eight electrodes can be connected to the basic device. band width 7 bis 500 Hz (anti-aliasing low-pass filter) System requirements Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (minimum requirement), USB interface for Bluetooth adapter Compatible with Noraxon MyoResearch XP analysis software...

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