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FDM-T - 1

The zebris FDM-T System for stance and gait analysis

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FDM-T - 2

The zebris FDM-T System - a stance and g Using the zebris FDM-T Analysis Center, gait and rolloff analyses can be carried out easily and quickly. The basic system can be extended in a variety of ways with video, motion analysis and EMG. The treadmill can be used with shoes on or bare-foot. As a result, the influence of the shoes on the roll-off behavior can be examined. The evaluation software enables gait training to be carried out in a virtual running environment. Whilst watching his own footprints, the runner performs certain tasks which demand a constant variation in his walking and...

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FDM-T - 3

zebris Medical GmbH gait analysis center The display of all the measuring results is effected in real-time using commercially available PCs. A feedback control of the force on the extremities is thereby possible. The software provides a „Signal Viewer“ in which all the recorded measuring variables are displayed in slow motion and completely synchronized. The allocation of the floor contacts to the left or right side of the body is carried out fully automatically by the evaluation software. With one mouse click the measuring results are shown on the computer and can be printed out in color...

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FDM-T - 4

The zebris FDM-T System with numerous possibilities for extension sure sensors. All the FDM-T systems are equiped in their standard form with a video synchronization output for time synchronization with the camera. The time synchronization using the optionally available cordless radio adapter DAB is effected via an infrared interface. The radio adapter is connected to the PC via a Bluetooth interface and can be fitted with up to eight EMG amplifiers. Depending on the design, the treadmill ergometer can have an additional input and output that enables any other external devices to be...

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