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FDM - 1

The zebris FDM-System-Gait Analysis for Research and Clinical Applications

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FDM - 2

The zebris FDM -System Easy and Accurate Gait Analysis The new zebris FDM measuring system functions using high-quality capacitive force sensors that are arranged in matrix form in three different platform sizes. As a result, each sensor produces its own calibration curve. The measuring plates enable the static and dynamic force distribution to be analyzed under the feet while standing and walking. The system is connected directly to a commercially available PC via a USB interface and requires no additional electronics. Due to the measuring options provided, the FDM-System can be expanded...

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FDM - 3

zebris Medical GmbH The measuring plate is integrated in a level walking area and can also be used with walking aids. The measuring cycle can be repeated up to four times. The measuring parameters are automatically calculated in the software program. The optional video module is running with commercially available digital video cameras. The time synchronization is guaranteed via an external plate output. The recording and display of the images takes place at a measuring rate of 50/60 images per second.

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FDM - 4

The WinFDM SoftwareEssential for Clinical Applications When analyzing the standing position, the load exerted by the left/right sides of the body and at the front and back of the foot is displayed in the bar chart and also as a numeric value. The line connecting the main points of the body supplies immediate information regarding asymmetrical load distribution. The measuring data is recorded over a defined period and the results are averaged. The measurements and the evaluation are processed on the computer using the WinFDM program. For this procedure, the measuring data of the floor...

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FDM - 5

zebris Medical GmbH On the measuring screen and viewer the image of the measuring plate can be altered three dimensionally. Also the image size can be reduced or enlarged as required. Force variations, video images, EMG and angle data may also be displayed simultaneously. In other analyses, gait symmetry is assessed in addition to gait lines, standardized and averaged force variation curves. Besides of maximum pressure plots complete videosequences can be displayed.

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FDM - 6

The Complete FDM-SystemCountless Expansion Possibilities The basic measuring system comprises a measuring plate FDM 1.5, FDM 2 or FDM 3, an external power pack and the WinFDM software package. The system operates using a PC with USB interface and the Windows XP / Vista operating system. Two platforms of the same type can be combined to increase the size of the sensor area.

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FDM - 7

zebris Medical GmbH Specifications Measuring principle PC interface Measuring range Accuracy Hysteresis Interface < 3% (FS) Video Modul Syncronisation Infrared transmitting Sync. in/Sync. out Type: FDM 1.5 Dimensions: 158.0 x 60.5 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H) Sensor area: 149.0 x 54.2 cm (L x W) Number of sensors: 11264 Sampling rate: 100 Hz, optional 200 Hz / 300 Hz Type: FDM 2 Dimensions: 212.2 x 60.5 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H) Sensor area: 203.2 x 54.2 cm (L x W) Number of sensors: 15360 Sampling rate: 100 Hz, optional 200 Hz Type: FDM 3 Dimensions: 307.0 x 60.5 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H) Sensor area: 298.1...

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FDM - 8

zebris Medical GmbH Radio adapter The cordless radio adapter for measuring the EMG or for connecting goniometers, is fitted with eight analog inputs, four digital inputs, an infrared interface and an output for direct connection to an USB via a special cable. Video module The video module contains a high-quality video camera with a stand, a wide-angle lens, all the connection and synchronization cables necessary for operation, and also the software extension. Technical modifications reserved. ©zebris 11/2008 Additional zebris systems for gait analysis FDM-T System for stance and gait...

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