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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation


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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 1

Learning to walk again Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 2

zebris Medical GmbH Rehawalk®-A New Concept for Treating Gait Disorders The system is based on the proven h/p/cosmos treadmill systems that are available in different sizes and feature variations. The treadmills can, for example, be equipped with arm support and a safety arch. By using an integrated un-weighting system, it is possible to commence the locomotion therapy at an early stage. As a complete system, the h/p/cosmos locomotion 150/50 DE med additionally offers adjustable handrails, a wheelchair ramp and therapist seats. The zebris Rehawalk® system is designed for the analysis and...

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 3

zebris Medical GmbH Gait Training using Adaptive Visual Cueing Setting the target parameters Gait analysis The initial gait analysis is carried out without any measuring preparations to be done on the patient. The measuring process can be observed on the screen in real-time. The report is automatically generated. Gait training During training the steps are projected onto the treadmill belt in the shape of the actual footprints, or alternatively as rectangles or as ovals. Throughout the gait training the patient is instructed to position his or her feet as accurately as possible within the...

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 4

zebris Medical GmbH Gait and Coordination Training using Virtual Feedback The patient moves in a virtual walking environment, and while observing the footprints performs various tasks which require a continual variation of walking and balancing. Postural control as well as coordination skills are checked and trained as a result. The various modules allow the training to be individually adapted to each patient. Physical and cognitive abilities are simultaneously demanded during dual-task-training. The patient solves simple perceptual and memory tasks as well as arithmetic problems while...

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 5

zebris Medical GmbH Optional Add-Ons Camera, lighting The zebris lighting and camera system is available separately or in one unit as a “SyncLightCam”. Joint angles can be quickly and easily shown and displayed in the report with a calculation module integrated in the software. Lighting is adjustable in intensity and together with the camera it can be automatically switched on and off as well as time-synchronized by the treadmill system. zebris Myography System Stand systems A completely aligned stand system is available for positioning the screen in front of the treadmill, for optimal...

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 6

zebris Medical GmbH robowalk® Expander System Technical Data Rehawalk® Systems Speed Distribution of robowalk® only via h/p/cosmos specialist dealers. Sensor surface The expander support‘s angle of tractive force can be adjusted individually. The system is ideally suitable for patients with restricted mobility, for orthopaedic as well as neurological rehabilitation in combination with the Rehawalk® system. The h/p/cosmos robowalk® Expander system supports the patient’s movements with elastic expander cables. These are attached to the legs of the person training with comfortable cuffs. The...

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Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation - 7

zebris Medical GmbH Additional zebris Measuring Systems are available The zebris FDM measuring platforms for stance and gait analysis: 1.5 m - 6 m. uiifgnind dnes Buschhisses Distributed through: zebris Medical GmbH ■ Germany ■ P.O. Box 1143 ■ D-88305 Isny im Allgau ■ Max-Eyth-Weg 43 ■ D-88316 Isny im Allgau Phone +49-7562-97260 ■ Fax +49-7562-972650 ■ ■

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