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Jaw Measurement Analysis


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Simple and Precise–The zebris Jaw Measurement Analysis

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 2

The New Measuring Sensor Equipment The face bow is applied manually together with the integrated receiver sensors in just a few steps. There is no longer any need to carry out any adjusting measures on the patient. The lower jaw sensor is extremely light and fastened to a paraocclusal bite fork with a magnetic holder. The zebris Jaw Measurement Analysis System records all the 3D movements of the lower jaw without contact, using the principle based on measuring the travel time of ultrasound impulses. This system consists of a face bow with integrated receiver sensors and a lower jaw sensor...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 3

zebris Medical GmbH –Simple, Precise and Balanced The automatically calculated axis points can be indicated on the patient using the probe-tip. The probe-tip function also enables the facial profile or any random points on the occlusal surface to be recorded. tip. The system enables a hinge axis to be determined i.e. in a central condyle position or as a kinematic axis from the protrusion and opening movements. The WinJaw PC measuring program that is supplied with the system, calculates articulator setting values, numerous function parameters and is able to determine a neuromuscular,...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 4

The WinJaw Evaluation Software for D Articulator Setting Values and Functio The program contains a 3D model that is animated according to the movement data. In this way, disturbances of movement can be explained to the patient visually. The model can be rotated in all viewing planes and details can be magnified. For programming fully adjustable articulators, tables for the settings and measuring curves are shown clearly in the Report. The transfer to the articulators Protar, SAM, ARTEX, Reference, Panadent™ and STRATOS is carried out using commercially available face bows. The system allows...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 5

zebris Medical GmbH Determining Centric Relation, i. Di l*n" ifi txchjc* name d iu ru MI hlan Iran jj*n g* urgu. CM* "If nci lin" cu J*QJ rn lhi •■.<: Ij-dtiJ poxnlon up ft Ihu 1D or . i uc*d fcr iifinang Pim ENTEKvitun nitty. shown together with checking purposes habitual position. with arrow angular available printers. different movement a specified measuring sequence. The parameters automatically printed In a functional, preliminary exami- The Electronic Position Analysis different occlusion positions to be compared and can thereby indicate possible pain vectors in the joint. The...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 6

The System for Analysing Joint Noises and the Muscular Function The Bluetooth Measuring System is available as an option and enables noises in the jaw joint to be analyzed using highly sensitive, ultrasound microphones for placing on the body in the jaw region. The Report is produced automatically and comprises a frequency analysis and a numerical quantification of the sound intensity. Furthermore, the measuring system records the muscular action potential by means of bipolar, skin-surface electrodes. The system enables function tests to be carried out on different groups of muscles, such...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 7

zebris Medical GmbH The JMA System– the Complete Solution The JMA System is supplied as a complete unit and includes the following components: - Basic unit with power supply unit - Face bow with receiver sensors - Lower jaw and pointer sensor (approx. 40g) - Footswitch - Bite fork - Software package WinJaw basic version - Instruction Manual Can be supplied as an option: - Software extension modules - 2 channel joint-noise system - 4/8 channel EMG system - Device trolley The operation is carried out on a commercially available PC with Windows XP/Vista The optional, cordless Bluetooth...

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Jaw Measurement Analysis - 8

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