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JMA+ Analyser - 1

Wellcome to the world of functional dentistry

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JMA+ Analyser - 2

zebris Medical GmbH Simple and reliable-zebris Jaw-Registration System The zebris jaw registration system JMTracker+ and JMAnalyser+ records all degrees of the lower jaw’s mobility contact-free according to the method of measuring the travel time of ultrasound impulses. The measuring range allows functional analytical examinations, the deter-mination of neuromuscular jaw relation as well as the output of parameters for adjustment of mechanical and virtual articulators. The system is prepared for the export of all individual movement data for digital dentistry. The JMAnalyser+is connected to...

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JMA+ Analyser - 3

zebris Medical GmbH Compact and portablethe complete systems The JMAnalyser+ includes: - Basic unit with power supply - Face bow with receiver modules - Lower jaw/pointer sensor - Attachment - zebris Dental Software WINJAW+ - User manual - Transport case Can be supplied as an option: - Footswitch (cordless) - Software extension modules - 4 channel EMG module - System carrier Operation occurs via a commercially available PC with Windows 10. Transport case zebris Medical GmbH · Germany · P.O. Box 1143 · D-88305 Isny im Allgäu · Am Galgenbühl 14 · D-88316 Isny im Allgäu Phone +49-7562-97260 ·...

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