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-$SS2l Welcome to the world of functional digital dentistry

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zebris Medical GmbH The new dimension of jaw registration – the Optic Jaw Motion Analyser The JMAOptic-system expands the proven and especially practical zebris JMA-systems with latest-generation optical sensor technology, and thus opens up new dimensions of functional dentistry. The Analyser consists of a handy stand-alone face bow with a lower jaw sensor and – in addition to condylar movement – is capable of recording the lower jaw’s range of motion over all degrees of freedom with high precision. Its uses cover a wide range of applications, from creating functional dental restorations to...

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zebris Medical GmbH Compact and transportableOptic the complete JMA Available options: - Electronic face bow with camera and infrared modules - T-pointer - Lower jaw sensor - Attachments, - Analytical software WINJAW+ with basic module articulator and data export - User manual - Carry case - Table stand / inductive charger - Foot switch / hand switch (cordless) - Software expansion modules The analyser is operated from a conventional PC under the Windows 10 operating system. Base color: white RAL 9003 zebris Medical GmbH · Germany · P.O. Box 1143 · D-88305 Isny im Allgäu · Am Galgenbühl 14...

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