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PDM-C - 1

PDM-C Measuring system for static and dynamic foot pressure measurements

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PDM-C - 2

zebris Medical GmbH The zebris PDM-C system for stance and roll off analysis The software program consists of a database, a signal viewer and a report generator. The stored pressure measurement data can be displayed completely synchronously with the recorded video data in slow motion. During the stance analysis, the load distribution for the forefoot as well as right and left is displayed in real time. The zebris PDM-C system consists of a measuring platform which is connected to a stationary PC or notebook via the USB interface. The extension with the fully synchronized SYNCCam camera...

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PDM-C - 3

zebris Medical GmbH System components The measuring station for stance and roll off analysis works with a standard PC under Windows 10. It is recommended to order the system with computer. Zebris offers both a Notebook, as well as an All-In-One Touch-PC with stand. The SyncCam cameras are frame accurate synchronized with the pressure sensor technology of the measuring platforms. The adjustable shutter speed guarantees a high degree of image sharpness. The stands are available with rollers or a base plate. Technical data zebris PDM-C measuring platforms Operation via USB without power...

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