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RehaWalk® - 1

Learning to walk again Gait Analysis and Gait Training for Rehabilitation

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RehaWalk® - 2

zebris Medical GmbH RehaWalk®-Gait Analysis on Treadmill and Walking Range The zebris RehaWalk® system is designed for the analysis and treatment of gait disorders in neurologic, orthopaedic or geriatric rehabilitation. In addition to a treadmill or measuring platform, RehaWalk® includes a unit for visual cueing through the projection of gait patterns on the treading surface. Virtual feedback training happens simultaneously with the help of a large monitor mounted in front of the treadmill. A module for stance and balance analysis as well as balance training is optionally available. The...

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RehaWalk® - 3

zebris Medical GmbH RehaWalk®-Gait Training through Visual Step Cueing Gait analysis Gait training For the initial gait analysis, no preparations on the patient are necessary. The measurement process is displayed in real time on the screen. The individually configurable result report is automatically generated. Setting the target parameters The evaluation report shows the current status of the patient and enables the correct setting of the parameters for the start of the training through adaptive visual cueing. The step projection shows the actual shape of the footprints; alternatively...

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RehaWalk® - 4

zebris Medical GmbH Gait- and Coordination Training in Virtual Environment Gait Training with Direct Feedback The patient moves in a virtual walking environment, and while observing the footprints performs various tasks which require a continual variation of walking and balancing. Postural control as well as coordination skills are checked and trained as a result. The various modules allow the training to be individually adapted to each patient. During gait training on the measuring plate, the step length, pressure distribution patterns and gait lines are displayed by means of projection...

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RehaWalk® - 5

zebris Medical GmbH Technical Data RehaWalk® Systems Incline adjustment Sensor area The systems are approved according to EC Directive 93/42 Medical Devices. Distributed through: zebris Medical GmbH · Germany · P.O. Box 1143 · D-88305 Isny im Allgäu · Am Galgenbühl 14 · D-88316 Isny im Allgäu Phone +49-7562-97260 · Fax +49-7562-972650 · · ©zebris 11/2021. Subject to technical and content modifications. Running area

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