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SYNC Cam + Light - 1

Camera and Lightning System NEW

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SYNC Cam + Light - 2

SYNCCam and SYNCLight -for optimu The zebris camera and illumination unit ideally supplement the systems for force-distribution measurement and motion analysis. The syncronization cable is looped from the treadmill or measuring plate through the camera and the spotlight. In this way, those are switched on automatically, but only when a measurement is taken! The presentation of the video information is carried out by the zebris evaluation software. By means of a short light impulse, the image data of the camera is automatically aligned to the data of the forcedistribution matrix in order to...

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SYNC Cam + Light - 3

zebris Medical GmbH um video analysis and documentation The camera has an USB insert and an automatic auto-focus setting. Integrated light flashes and syncronization inputs enable the image data to be syncronized exactly with the time. The spotlights with ten power LED‘s are available in two versions, i.e. SYNCLight and SYNCLight plus. The SYNCLight plus systems has additional features such as the optimum illumination of highspeed cameras. The camera and spotlight have standard threads which enable them to be operated using photo tripods. Special zebris tripods enable cameras and spotlights...

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SYNC Cam + Light - 4

2 x 1/4 ” internal threat below/back SYNCLight 155 x 210 x 38 mm 640 g power adapter one system 1/4 ” internal threat back SYNCLight plus 155 x 210 x 38 mm 640 g cable power adapter three systems 1/4 ” internal threat back Principle Inputs Sychronisation HD-Webcam, SyncLED USB, Video Sync zebris Sync On/Off power LED power supply zebris Sync On/Off power LED power supply zebris Sync On/Off TTL Sync, Shutter Sync Measuring rate Color temperature Light intensity 30 Hz 6200 K 1550 lumen infinitely variable 6200 K 1550 lumen infinitely variable Dimensions approx. (WxHxD) Weight approx. Power...

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