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Product Information Version 1.0 ZEISS Axiocam 506 mono Your High Resolution Microscope Camera for Live Cell Imaging - Fast, Flexible, and Sensitive

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Technical Specifications ZEISS Axiocam 506 mono Sensor Model Sony ICX 694, EXview HAD CCD II ™ Progressive Scan Quad-Port Readout Selected sensor quality Sensor Pixel Count Pixel Size Sensor Size Effective sensor size: 12.5 mm x 10.0 mm; image diagonal 16 mm, equivalent to 1" sensor format Spectral Sensitivity Approx. 400 nm – 1000 nm, annealed BK 7 protective glass Max Full Well Capacity (typical) Signal Amplification Adjustable analog amplification: 1x, 2x, 3x Readout Speed Readout Noise (typical) Dynamic Range (typical) Dark Current (typical) Regulated Peltier-cooling (power supply via...

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Technical SpecificationsBinning Modes and Frame Rates Binning Pixel Count (H x V) Mode FPS @ 1 ms 1x1 2752 x 2208 Mono 20 (exposure time < readout time) Color Interpolation Modes n.a. Maximum ratings at optimum hardware settings 19 frames/s 1 / slow 2752 x 2208 Data-Post Processing (optional) Objective specific shading correction Black reference, dark current compensation Noise filter Special Features Time stamp from camera for precise acquisition time point Auto Switch Mode fur Single Port / Dual Port / Quad Port Readout Adjustable intensity of status LED Special Preset Modes Eight...

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> Service Technical Specifications Region of Interest (ROI) Hardware Trigger Optical Interface Max. File Size per Image Operating Systems Power Supply Ambient Conditions (Operation) User defined imaging sub area for improvement of readout speed and reduction of amount of data Galvanic isolated I/O-signals Three output signals: exposure time, readout time, trigger ready, i.e. for controlling external mechanical shutters One trigger input for exposure control, 5V auxiliary voltage, GND Top LED: camera status (acquisition, power, cooling, speed) Back LED: trigger status USB 3.0 SuperSpeed (5...

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Technical Specifications Ambient Conditions (Storage) -15 °C ... +60 °C 90% rrelative humidity at +40 °C, 80% relative humidity at +20 °C, non-condensing › Service Operating system Microsoft® Windows 7 x64 (Enterprise, Ultimate) and higher All frame rates are maximum values at short exposure times below readout time of the sensor. Exposure time, computer hardware operating system and software can reduce the maximum achievable frame rates. By using binning or sensor sub regions (ROI), the frame rates can be further increased. Technical data is subject to changes due to technical progre

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Technical Specifications Spectral Sensitivity

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Count on Service in the True Sense of the Word Because the ZEISS microscope system is one of your most important tools, we make sure it is always ready to perform. What’s more, we’ll see to it that you are employing all the options that get the best from your microscope. You can choose from a range of service products, each delivered by highly qualified ZEISS specialists who will support you long beyond the purchase of your system. Our aim is to enable you to experience those special moments that inspire your work. Repair. Maintain. Optimize. Attain maximum uptime with your microscope. A...

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The moment your data change scientific minds. This is the moment we work for. › // RECOGNITION     Ma

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□□ Carl Zeiss Microscopy GmbH 07745 Jena, Germany BioSciences & Materials

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