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Product Information Version 1.0 ZEISS Axioscope 5 Your Smart Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research

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Your Smart Microscope for Biomedical Routine and Research In the past, documenting samples with multiple fluorescent labels in your routine lab could be time consuming. To get best image quality, you needed to manually switch filters, adjust illumination intensities and exposure times and to snap each single channel image. For three different channels, this could sum up to 15 steps and clicks. With Smart Microscopy from ZEISS, this is a thing of the past. Your Axioscope 5 with Axiocam 202 mono and Colibri 3 LED illumination takes this workload from you. You don't even need to move your...

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Simpler. More Intelligent. More Integrated. Capture Four Fluorescence Channels Smart Microscopy Makes Your Digital with Just One Click Acquiring fluorescent images has never been so Axioscope 5 makes documenting your specimens Axioscope 5 uses its transmitted white light LED easy. Combine Axioscope 5 with the high perfor- very efficient. The color impression shows up in to provide powerful illumination with high color mance LED light source Colibri 3 and the sensitive, the camera image exactly the same as it appears fidelity. You will clearly see the subtle ifferences d standalone...

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Expand Your Possibilities This is Smart Microscopy – Digital Documentation Made Easy Used in combination with the microscope cameras Axiocam 202 mono or Axiocam 208 color, you have the full advantage of a smart standalone m icroscope solution. • Snap images and record videos directly from your stand • Use mouse (and optionally keyboard) to control your camera via OSD (on screen display) • Save settings Camera settings such as white balance, contrast and exposure time are done automatically. W ithout needing additional imaging software or • Store images with all metadata of the icroscope m...

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Expand Your Possibilities Boost your Efficiency – with Smart Microscopy Efficiency and quality are key in your lab, but it can looks like. Now, with the Axioscope 5 system, you take a lot of time to acquire detail-rich, true-color can stay focused on your sample at all times, images. You know the drill: place the sample, focus thanks to smart microscopy. Digital documentation your region of interest, switch to the computer, is inherent in the system design. Just press the a djust settings such as white balance, exposure e rgonomic Snap button on the microscope and time and gain, then...

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Expand Your Possibilities Whether unstained cells, histologically stained s ections, or other samples: transmitted light techniques continue to be the standard for many e xaminations. With Axioscope 5 you can use a sheer variety of c ontrasting techniques for your applications: the classical methods of brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, but also Differential nterference I Contrast (DIC) and polarization ontrast. c A xioscope 5 can also be equipped with lasDIC, P the cost effective interference contrasting technique. Rat kidney, acquired in transmitted light brightfield, objective:...

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Expand Your Possibilities ZEISS Colibri 3 LED Illumination Complement your Axioscope 5 with the optional fluorescence LED illumination Colibri 3, and acquire brilliant fluorescence images with ease. Colibri 3 delivers the right wavelength and intensity to excite fluorescent dyes and proteins in a gentle way. • Save time and money thanks to the long LED lifetime and adjustment-free operation. • Choose up to four configurable wavelengths to fit your needs. Upgrade anytime you need to. • Individually control and switch between hannels c for UV, blue, green and red excitation – or use selected...

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Tailored Precisely to Your Applications Biomedical Research Human & Veterinary Medicine Plant Sciences & Botany General task Neuroscience, developmental b iology, olecular biology, m genetics, cell biology Anatomy, pathology, cytology, h ematology, cytogenetics, zoology Bacteriology, mycology, p arasitology, virology Plant anatomy, plant disease, plant development, molecular genetics, epigenetics Pathology, trace evidence, DNA laboratory Tests performed Documentation, answer research questions Find medical evidence, answer research questions Find medical evidence Find quality-related...

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Your Flexible Choice of Components 1 Microscope ■ ZEISS Axioscope 5, transmitted light, LED ■ ZEISS Axioscope 5, transmitted light, Hal 50 ■ ZEISS Axioscope 5, fluorescence 3 Illumination Transmitted light: ■ LED 10W, Hal 50, Hal 100 Reflected light, fluorescence: ■ Colibri 3, HXP 120, and other 5 Software ■ Stand-alone ■ Labscope imaging app ■ ZEN imaging software 2 Recommended Objectives ■ Plan-Apochromat ■ Plan-Neofluar ■ N-Achroplan 4 Recommended Microscope Cameras ■ ZEISS Axiocam 202 mono ■ ZEISS Axiocam 208 color

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System Overview [ Camera with SLR bayonet ] Upper stand part Axioscope 7, HAL 100 / HBO, 6x HD, DIC, M27 1 Filter slider A, 14x40 mm, 3 positions for filter diameter 25 mm 423730-9080-000 Filter slider A, 14x40 mm, 2 positions for filter diameter 25 mm 428307-9000-000 -Se Axiocam 202 mono 426570-9010-000 (with stand-camera cable) 426570-9030-000 (with external power adaptor) Axiocam 208 color 426570-9000-000 (with stand-camera cable) 426570-9020-000 (with external power adaptor) (other Axiocam on request) Polarizer slider A, 6x30 mm, 90° rotatable 427710-9000-000 Magnification changer 4x,...

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System Overview Illuminator HXP 120 423013-0000-000 Trigger cable for HXP 120 light source 000000-0485-260 Metal insert plate 160x116 - with grid lines 432313-0000-000 Mounting frame for two specimen sliders 76x26 432318-9000-000 The System Technology and Details Illuminator RL LED10 CRI90 Axioscope 423005-9010-000 (not applicable to 430035-9061-000) Attachable object guide Pol, 28x48 453561-9901-000 Rotary stage, Pol, 360° with clickstop 432035-9131-000 LED module 625nm for Axio 423052-9522-000 LED module 470nm for Axio 423052-9573-000 LED module 385nm for Axio 423052-9593-000 LED module...

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