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s\ CHAIRSIDE' Attachment Processing Material CHAIRSIDE® Attachment Processing Material is easy to use and predictable when processing attachments into full and partial overdentures,using either a chairside or laboratory procedure. Two size options to suit your implant practice. • 8g (4ml) syringe for pickup of LOCATOR® and SATURNO® Denture Attachment Housings. • _arge18ml cartridge ideal for full arch fixed provisional prostheses utilizing immediate load protocols such as LOCATOR F-Tx® or All-On-4®. • No primer required for reduced chairtime. • Shorter mixing tip reduces material waste and...

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Denture Prep & Polish Kit LOCATOR SATURNO The CHAIRSIDE® Denture Prep & Polish Kit professionals need for the efficient and accurate pick-up of Denture Attachment Housings in one convenient kit. ALL INCLUSIVE KIT • Includes Recess, Trim, Undercut, Grind and Vent Burs, as well as a Polisher. CHAIRSIDE burs are designed to address the most frequent overdenture preparation requirements. UNIQUE RECESS BUR • A unique to the market CHAIRSIDE Recess Bur, specifically designed by Zest, that quickly and easily prepares the exact size recess for the LOCATOR® and SATURNO® Denture Attachment Housings...

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SX CHAIRSIDE' Soft Reline Material CHAIRSIDE® Soft Reline Material is a soft, silicone based reline material for patients that require relief for full and partial maxillary and mandibular dentures. PATIENT COMFORT • Silicone based material is tasteless, odorless and provides a secure long-lasting smooth finish that prevents contamination and odor. Soft silicone material is comfortable and does not harden over time. EASY HANDLING • Auto dispensing cartridge uses up to 40% less materia*, allows for quick material preparation and has an efficient working time of up to two (2) minutes with a...

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SX CHAIRSIDE' Block Out Material CHAIRSIDE® Block Out Material is a light-cured protective material that removes undercuts while processing overdentures chairside. PATIENT COMFORT • Acrylic resin remains cool and comfortable during light curing, preventing discomfort and harm to the tissue. EASY HANDLING • Viscous material stays put using syringe delivery. Contrasting blue color is easy to see, flexible and simple to remove. MULTIPLE USES CHAIRSIDE Block Out is a superior material for blocking out undercuts for LOCATOR® Cases - it is also ideal to: • Protect tissue while bleaching,...

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CHAIRSIDE® VPS Bite Registration Material is a high quality, value conscious material developed with leading clinicians for ease of use while producing consistent, reliable results. • Formulated from the highest quality polymers and fillers. • Exceptional accuracy and dimensional stability with high tear resistance. • Clinician friendly working times and patient friendly quick set times. CHAIRSIDE BITE REGISTRATION • Highly accurate, stable and non-brittle • Quick intra-oral setting time • Easily trimmable Product Ordering Information MATERIAL COLOR ITEM NUMBER CHAIRSIDE Bite Registration...

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Custom Impression Trays CHAIRSIDE® Massad® Edentulous Low Temp Impression Trays are moldable stock impression trays that allow superior full-arch impressions with as much detail as a custom tray. ACCURACY AND TIME SAVINGS • Using a hot water bath, the thermoplastic trays are easily formed and adapted in the patient's mouth. • One visit final impressions that are fully adjustable in <1 minute. ERGONOMIC AND ANATOMICAL DESIGN Low vestibular borders and release areas for various muscle attachments. Retention slots and grooves positioned throughout for better adhesion and proper flow of...

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<0, CHAIRSIDE* Product Portfolio ZEST DENTAL SOLUTIONS 2875 LOKER AVENUE EAST, CARLSBAD, CA 92010 USA ZEST DENTAL ZEST | DANVILLE MATERIALS I PERIOSCOPY TEL: 442.244.4835 OR 800.262.2310 FAX: 760.743.7975 EMAIL: SALES@ZESTDENT.COM WWW.ZESTDENT.COM ©2018 ZEST Anchors LLC. All rights reserved. CHAIRSIDE, LOCATOR, SATURNO, ZEST and ZEST DENTAL SOLUTIONS are registered trademarks of ZEST IP Holdings, LLC. DIEM is a registered trademark of BIOMET 3i LLC, All-On-4 is a registered trademark of Nobel Biocare.

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