MC-C01 Gynecology Exam Table With stirrups


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/ Gynecology exam table The MC-C01 gynecological exam table manages the room space maximally by integrated cabinet and extensible leg platform and foot support, it adopts a seamless design to reduce the accumulation of dirt and bacteria.This Patient Exam Table maximizes convenient features including built-in stirrups, footstep that can be easily pulled out or tucked away.This table is a perfect option for doctor’s offices, clinics or wherever a cost effective treatment or exam table is needed. . SIDE DRAWERS Three side drawers provide point of care storage for gowns, drapes and other items, it with 4 casters and can move as a whole. DIRT RASIN The pull-out dirt basin is very suitable for lower body operation that need to remove liquid and debris. FOOTSTEP The bottom of the front of MC-C01 is equipped with pull-out footstep, and the surface of the footstep is non-slip treatment, which can make the whole more safe and convenient. RACK SECTION ADJUSTMENT The back section is adjusted by gas spring, which can be adjusted from 0-70°. STIRRUPS Pull out stirrups the pull out stirrups provide leg support for patients during lower body examinations. PAPER ROLL HOLDER The paper roll holder is hidden behind the back section and can be seen by lifting back section. MAIN FEATURES - The ob gyn exam table is suitable for all kinds of inspection including gynecological examination, the shape is beautiful, the function is practical, the operation is simple. - The back section is operated by gas spring. - The roll paper holder is hidden behind the back panel. - Foot stool can be used for patient as a step , which is hidden. - Mattress made from mould, with no seam on the surface. - Examination bed is equipped with large drawers. meniK f C ifo Zhangjiagang Medi Medical Equipment Co* Ltd Tel:+86 15250358182 E-maili

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