MC-D19 Hi-Low Power Gyn Exam Table


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MC-D19 Hi-Low Power Gyn Exam Table - 1

ELECTRIC GYNE EXAMINATION TABLE * Seat height adjust by foot control, effective & make patient position quickly. * Back section adjust range 0-70°by pneumatic control * Seat section adjust range 0-7°by manual operation * Detachable foot board * 1 pcs 4L S.S treatment pan, idea for lower body procedures or other situation in which removal of fluid and debris is necessary LED LIGHT EXAMINATION LIGHT CONTROLLER BACK SECTION * Retractable & foldable type leg support, creating more comfortable position for patients * Washable mattress by polyurethane foam technique * ABS plastic cover and steel board by electrostatic epoxy spray treatment * High accuracy & Noiseless motor control system * Hidden drawer with telescopic railing, provide extra storage for bulky exam supplies. Keeps drapes, gowns and similar items within easy reach. * LED examination light, easy access control, high intensity light and STIRRUPS FILTH BASIN Seat height range Seat section adjust range Back section adjust range Drawer size Assistant board size Polyurethane foam Leg support pedal Horizontal adjustment Foot pedal horizontal adjust Overall Width Examination light brightness adjustable 1800 (include assistant board) Overall Length FOOT CONTROL LED Beads(Brightness & Depth adjustable Detachable type) BETTER CARE BETTER COMFORT

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