YA-01S Lithotomy Stirrup


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Next-Level Innovation for Next-Level Care Dual-Bar Design: Help prevent medial leg drop with this innovative LITHOTOMY STIRRUP safety feature Boot Release Handle: Easily adjust leg position with a single-point latch Welded Pads, Removable Silicone Straps: Control potential infection MAIN FEATURES with easy-to-clean welded pads and silicone straps Patient positioning using the Lithotomy Stirrups features an extended lateral boot design that supports the patient’ s leg entirely, preventing superficial nerve damage and prevents unwanted leg rotation intra-operatively. Reusable Pad Completely encapsulates the foot, ankle and calf for comfortable and secure positioning. Press the handle to move up and down / left and right Support lever control handle TECHNICAL PARAMETER ITEM German pneumatic auxiliary device Patient Weight Capacity Fix lithotomy stirrup on the operating table Telescopic distance of sheath Adjust the position of lithotomy stirrup , fix lithotomy stirrup Back section up/down Fixed Handle Cantilever Length Lift up and down Easily move the legs to the desired position Specification of guardrail Product Weight Make it easier for medical staff to adjust during surgery

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