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mcniK Zhangjiagang Medi Medical Equipment Co., Ltd Tel: +86 15250358182 E-mail: info@medik-medical.com STRETCHER GETS ON THE AMBULANCE Press the handle to retract the legs of the stretcher, which is convenient for getting on the ambulance.When get out of the ambulance, you only need to lift it up, and the bracket can support itself. CHAIR POSITION ADJUSTMENT When entering a small space such as an elevator, the transfer cart can be adjusted into a chair shape, and it with multiple positions to choose from. BACK ADJUST Back is adjustable which makes the wounded feel comfortable. MATTRESS The 5cm mattress, the surface cover is easy to clean, which improves the comfort of the patient. YA-AS05 / Ambulance Chair Stretcher YA-AS05 uses a sponge pad stretcher machine to make the patient transport comfortable. The patient is carried on the stretcher and transported by an ambulance. Using high-quality aluminum alloy aluminum, the structure is light and flexible. Suitable for ambulances, hospitals, battlefields, stadiums to transport the wounded and sick. Size (High position) Size (Low position) Back section adjustable Loading capacity Carton Size (1 pc/carton) N.W. C.W. - Foam mattress with waterproof cover. - Adjustable backrest for higher comfort. - The folding legs are controlled by a handle placed on both sides of the stretcher. - Equipped with braking system. - Anti-corrosive and easily cleaned and sterilized - Regulated by a pneumatic spring. - Materiakaluminum alloy - Stair stretcher.

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