YA-AS06 Non-Magnetic MRI Stretcher


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YA-AS06 NON-MAGNETIC MRI STRETCHERS YA-AS06 Non-Magnetic MRI Stretcher is suitable for use in 1.5t and 3.0t MRI examinations. In a strong magnetic environment, there will be no movement or transfer, no suction, no interference on the results of MR examinations, and convenient transfer of patients. * The frame is composed of a bed surface and a car body. * The stretcher is equipped with a self-locking side rail * The structure is mainly made of aluminum alloy and pure stainless steel. After strict demagnetization, aluminum alloy parts will be non-magnetic * The backrest is adjusted by the handle * All fixings are demagnetized iron screws PROFESSION WITH STRETCHER SURFACE The surface of the transfer lathe is made of strip-shaped aluminum alloy, which reduces the overall vehicle weight while also meeting the requirements of patient comfort.The back is fixed with aluminum rivets without magnets. SELF-LOCKING SIDE RAIL The Self-locking side rail can be retracted quickly and is convenient for the operator to use. 20+YEARS EXPERIENCE Always alleviating medical staff's workload Always improving patient's safety and comfort Always minimizing the medical incident RACK ADJUST Back is adjustable which makes the wounded feel comfortable. Back rest lifting 0-60° PUSH & PULL HANDLE The push-pull handle can be adjusted according to the direction of the user's force during use, reducing the user's burden. rriBniK CASTOR 5’ silence non-magnetic plastic wheel with PU ring .advanced protection universal brake wheel,move easily , stable and durable. Overall size

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