YA-D5-13 Five Function ICU Bed


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YA-D5-13 / New ICU bed The YA-D5-13 bed's numerous features and ergonomic design provide safer patient mobility and convenience for caregiver’s operation. Compact and sturdy structure, 5 functions with manual CPR, which can meet the needs of ICU patient care. YA-D5-13 / Feature & Details The clear icon of the hand control is beneficial to the operation of staff - With embedded railing control, visible icons, with nurse control panel facing outside and limited button facing the patient. - Central brake system is adopted with dual braking pedals on both sides for easy manipulation - Bumper caster is located on four corners of the bed - Manual CPR lever is located on both sides - Angle indicator is achieved on the railing, especially the 30 degrees for back section adjustment is clearly marked for frequent use. Central brake located at the foot of Bumper around the bed, with IV pole the bed (Red for locking, and another holes on the bumper for unlocking) PROFESSION WITH 20+YEARS EXPERIENCE ITEM Length(mm) with(external)mm Feet section can be adjusted by racks, which can raise level the feet, promote blood circulation Internal side rail control patient can only control back and leg adjustment Release the back-rest for emergency CPR Always alleviating medical staff's workload Always improving patient's safety and comfort Always minimizing the medical incident Height(mm) Lifting stroke(mm) Tilt Length(mm) with(mm) Back section moniK Others Thigh section Calf section Lower side rail dimension Upper side rail dimension Easy-to-read angle indicators located on the head side rails highlight elevation in the 30 ° -45 ° range, assisting caregivers in. Power switch located at the head side to avoid the mis-operation Ergonomically designed side rails to protect patients and can easily grip them for egress the bed

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