YA-D7-1 Critical Care Beds Medik


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YA-D7-1 Critical Care Beds Medik - 1

* Four split side rail.drop down * Incorporated railing control with easy identifiable icon * Nurse control incorporated in foot panel with LED display for moving state * Detachable head/foot board with easy lock * Central brake system with wheel diameter of 125mm * Auto-regress to remove the pressure of the abdomen when adjust the backrest * Auto-counter to provide the patient from sliding onto foot end * Full length X-ray translucent platform * Weighing scale system * One button emergency stop switch can quickly stop all going movements. * Electric CPR * Manual CPR on both sides * Bumper caster on four corners * Angle Indicator for Backrest &Trendelenburg & Rev.Trend. * Electric power height adjustment with foot control (optional) mc^raiK Tel : +86 15250358182 E-mail : info@medik-medical.com ::: PRODUCT DETAILS ® TECHNICAL PARAMETER BETTE R C O M ITEM PARAMETER

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