YA-PD5-4 Hospital Youth Bed


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The special design of YA-PD5-4 pediatric bed provides children with great safety and comfort. The design of this pediatric hospital bed takes into account outstanding aesthetic features, creating a warm and friendly environment for children, allowing them to experience a more relaxing treatment period. This electric 5 function with higher guardrail and head foot board is very suitable for PICU room. Angle Indicator The angle indicator is on 4-piece guardrail, for Backrest, legrest, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg. Central brake system Diametre 150 mm central brake casters run extremely smoothly, and easy for the nursing staff to move the bed. Footrest Feet section can be adjusted by racks, which can raise level the feet promote blood circulation. Pull shelf The shelf at the end of the bed can place some clean sheets and mattresses. Manual CPR Release the back-rest for emergency CPR. Hand control key Using DEWERT motor, the hand control is equipped with a key, and the hand control cannot be controlled in the off state. Hand remote control Hand remote control with clear icons can be easily adjusted to different positions. Mattress holder Fix the mattress to prevent it from sliding. Technical descriptionand main features • User-friendly handset control • Electric CPR and Manual CPR on both sides • The four-piece safety sides. • The higher head and foot board can prevent children from slipping off while playing. The special guardrail and head foot board design provide children with a pleasant opportunity to interact with other people. * 150 mm central locking casters run extremely smoothly, the quality that makes it significantly easy for the nursing staff to move the bed. • Auto-counter to provide the patient from sliding onto foot end • Bumpers that are located on four corners of the bed Technical data ITEM PARAMETERS Overall Size(L*W) Mattress platmform Height adjustment Back-rest adjustment Knee-rest adjustment Reverse Trendelenburg Trendelenburg Safe working load

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