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CREATING A HEALTHY LIFE wedu Creating a Healthy Life ZHEJIANG WEDU MEDICAL CO.LTD website; E-mail; Tel: 0571-2802 6718 0579-8655 7345 Add: Hengdian Industrial Zone, Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

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Width Height Clip Size A sterile, non-metallic, non-bioabsorbable clasp designed to be implanted around a blood vessel or a tissue bundle for permanent occlusion. D Key Features »® © Ligate tissue structures from 3mm to 16mm. © Bowed shape allows to encompass more tissue structure. © Integrated teeth provide anti-slip function and more stability on the tissue. © Safe lock gives security on the tissue and provides a tactile feedback on closure. © Precision bosses give security in the applier and prevent dropouts. © 2,4 or 6 clips per cartridge. © 3 sizes marked with colours(cartridges and...

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<#> Transparent Tip Design Safe insertion under direct vision for primary port access. Reduce risk of abdominal wall and blood vessel damage. <#> Advanced Air impermeability Robust and flexible seal design eliminates gas leakage. Removable modular seal housing allows simple quick specimen removal. ♦ Threaded Cannula Design Threaded cannular design ensure trocar stability during instrument exchange. Specifications Package

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Method of Application Handle Ring Suture Passer - Guide Channels Depth Control Pads Approximation Wings D STEP 1 »»> Remove device and suture passerfrom packaging. Load suture passer with size 0 suture. Insert device into defect. Open and lock wings in space. a STEP 2 »»> Orient Wings adjacent to the abdominal wall and insert suture passer into each guide channel and through the silicon pads positioned 1 cm lateral to the defect. D Role of Components »»> ♦ Depth Control Pads Facilitates controlled entry. Captures suture ends. Provides target point for suture placement 1 cm lateral to...

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