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Ziath Mohawk Programmable Tube Selector


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Ziath Mohawk Programmable Tube Selector - 1

MOHAWK Semi-automated tube picker and reliable tube picking from 96 position racks with frozen and thawed tubes l Create picklists in excel, csv, text, xml or jdon l A 2D barcode scanner for tube confirmation and for generating picklists directly from the tube barcodes l 1D scanner for rack barcode included as standard l DataPaq™ software with free lifetime upgrades l Works The Mohawk Semi-Automatic Tube Selector enables you to pick individual or groups of tubes directly from 96 well racks with ease. Trying to extract a single tube from a rack can be difficult and doing so manually can lead to positional errors. By using software to control 96 individual solenoids, the Mohawk can lift one, two or up to sixteen individual tubes at a time, making it easy to remove them from the rack and place in a subsidiary rack or other tube device. The pins to be selected can be set in a “pick List” which can be generated manually from the onscreen graphical representation of the Mohawk deck or from an Excel spreadsheet. The Excel file can also be created manually or imported from Ziath’s Samples inventory management system or from your LIMS or another sample tracking programme that can export Excel format files. The picklist can even include tubes that are contained in multiple racks. The integrated 1D barcode reader identifies individual racks and the system software then uses this ID to look up the predefined picklist. This reduces the risks of the wrong tubes being selected during pic

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Ziath Mohawk Programmable Tube Selector - 2

The Mohawk works out of the box and needs no set up or calibration. In Automatic mode, The Mohawk allows for operation with minimal interaction of the control PC, while in Worklist mode, a file that describes the tubes that are to be selected is used to control the pins. It can be in excel, csv, text, xml or json format. The Mohawk works with both frozen and thawed tubes. It can work in combination with a Ziath Mirage, Express or Cube scanner to automatically create pick lists and then verify the contents of the subsidiary (or Daughter) racks and re-upload their new positions to Samples™ or...

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