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ZIMMER BIOMET Your progress. Our promise? 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System

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3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System Getting the Right Mix The Zimmer Biomet 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System is a disposable, sterile device that is optimally packaged for efficient storage and minimal waste. The system has been designed for quick and easy mixing of up to three doses (3 x 40g) of bone cement. Its self-contained mixing element thoroughly mixes bone cement in all viscosity ranges and eliminates the mess and inconvenience of transferring cement prior to injection. The wide-mouthed funnel makes loading of ingredients a clean and simple process. The system comes...

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tight. ENSURE g Information - AccessoriesAdd cement components, THE CAP Thread cap/handle3 IS Add cement components,TIGHT. assembly Thread cap/handle assembly 2 Blue Button to mixing cartridge to mixing cartridge until until 7ENSURE THE CAP tight. tight. ENSURE THE CAP 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System 3-Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System liquid liquid first. first. attached Breakaway Nozzle 90 Degreewhile Miller™ 90 Degree Nozzle 1 Miller Straight Tapered Nozzle Blue To access reamer connection, Button 3 depress blue button on top of 5 pull upward. Handle View attached while...

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*/ 00504904501 3 Dose Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System 1 Bone Cement Biomet Bone Cement R Product Part Number Description Units/Case 110035368 Biomet Bone Cement R 1X40 1 Refobacin® Bone Cement R Part Number Description 110034355 Refobacin® Bone Cement R 1X40 (With Gentamicin) Part Number Description Size Units/Case 00506900800 Power-Flo Bone Cement Injector - 1 00504908600 Zimmer® Vacuum Foot Pump II-Air Connector - 1 (Compatible with all Zimmer Biomet vacuum systems) 00506904500 90 Degree Breakaway Nozzle - 10 00506905400 Miller™ Bone Cement Injector...

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