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CoAxial Spray Kit Simplifying the Application of Platelet-Rich Plasma onto Graft Material

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Over 1 million times per year, Biomet helps one surgeon provide personalized care to one patient. The science and art of medical care is to provide the right solution for each individual patient. This requires clinical mastery, a human connection between the surgeon and the patient, and the right tools for each situation. At Biomet, we strive to view our work through the eyes of one surgeon and one patient. We treat every solution we provide as if it’s meant for a family member. Our approach to innovation creates real solutions that assist each surgeon in the delivery of durable...

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CoAxial Spray Kit The Biomet Biologics CoAxial spray applicator provides an efficient and convenient way to load and apply platelet-rich plasma (PRP). CoAxial Spray Kit Advantages • Two applicator syringes and two tips included in each kit allow user to completely load both applicators for time savings (Figure 1). • Replaces current method of transferring PRP into a plastic cup on the sterile field. Figure 1 Contents of CoAxial Spray Kit (800-0270) • Simplistic design allows for loading of PRP in a single step. • Ensures 10:1 ratio of liquids (Figure 2). • Provides fine mist spray without...

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CoAxial Spray Kit - 4

CoAxial Spray Kit Instructions for Use Transfer the CoAxial Spray Kit and Tips to the sterile field. Pre-assemble Y-connector to each CoAxial sprayer. Remove red cap on Y-connector and attach PRP-filled syringe. Note: Ensure Y-connector is fully tightened. Note: Ensure PRP-filled syringe is attached to red, angled end of Y-connector.

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CoAxial Spray Kit - 5

Step Four Step Three Remove clear cap on Y-connector and attach syringe Push down on the PRP-filled syringe plunger. Once the containing clotting factors. PRP-filled syringe plunger is pushed, the clotting factors syringe automatically loads into a separate chamber. This ensures a 10:1 ratio. Note: Ensure PRP syringe is loaded on red connector side and clotting factors syringe is attached on clear, straight side. Note: Filling is complete when either the smaller or larger syringe is void of liquid. At this time, stop depressing plunger to ensure a 10:1 ratio.

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CoAxial Spray Kit - 6

CoAxial Spray Kit Instructions for Use Step Five Remove the Y-connector and attached syringes as one complete fixture from the CoAxial Sprayer. Assemble the sterile spray tip onto the CoAxial Sprayer by twisting onto the threaded hub. Note: If needed, the second CoAxial Sprayer can be loaded in the same fashion.

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CoAxial Spray Kit - 7

Step Seven The PRP can now be sprayed onto the graft material of choice.* * The CoAxial Applicator System is designed to facilitate pre-mixing of allograft, autograft, or synthetic bone graft materials for application to an orthopedic surgical site, with autologous blood, plasma, platelet-rich plasma, or other specific blood component(s) as deemed necessary by the clinical use requirements. In addition, the CoAxial Applicator System is intended for the application of autologous blood, plasma, platelet-rich plasma, or other specific blood component(s), as deemed necessary by the surgeon’s...

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