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Durable Reinforcement The Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch is a biological implant consisting of an acellular scaffold of collagen and elastin, derived from porcine dermal tissue. The material is purified and cross-linked through a proprietary process that makes it resistant to collagenase degradation. The result is a strong, durable biological implant that is readily and consistently colonized by host tissue cells and blood vessels. The implant is provided in sheet form and is ideal for the reinforcement of large tendon tears at the repair site. Ordering Information 00-4100-001-00 Zimmer Collagen Repair Patch 1 each, 5cm x 10cm (50 sq. cm)x 1.5mm rectangular sheet 1. Data held on file at Covidien, pic 2. Data on file at Zimmer, Inc. This documentation is intended exclusively for physicians and is not intended for laypersons. Information on the products and procedures contained in this document is of a general nature and does not represent and does not constitute medical advice or recommendations. Because this information does not purport to constitute any diagnostic or therapeutic statement with regard to any individual medical case, each patient must be examined and advised individually, and this document does not replace the need forsuch examination and/or advice in whole or in part. Please refer to the package inserts for important product information, including, but not limited to, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and adverse effects. Contact your Zimmer representative or visit us at Zimmer® Collagen Repair Patch Personal Fit Renewed Life™ Personal Fit Renewed Life™

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A History of Strength and Consistency This revolutionary material has been available since 1998, and over 100,000 implants have been used for hernia repair, urological, and gynecological applications. The Zimmer® Collagen Repair Patch is designed to be durable, for results that last. It is resistant to degradation and enzymatic Patch comes moist in sterile sealed packaging. attack. No sensitization, rejection, allergenicity, or no significant inflammatory response has been observed in animal testing.1 This unique scaffold has proven to be strong with good cell infiltration and rapid...

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